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Color Printing

​Color printing is available in the following labs:

  • JTR Library 100 (north east corner)
  • DPC 10012
  • Daley 150

If you wish to print in color, ensure the document is printed from the designated printers.  They are the HP Officejet m553s, and the release stations are labeled "COLOR PRINTER".  Any other printer is only black and white.  The color printers are NOT set to duplex automatically, unlike the rest of the printers on campus in labs.  Ensure the setting is changed to double-sided if desired.  You must select the "LPC Color Printer" or the "Loop Color Printer" if you want your jobs to show up at the color release station.  Prints are $0.50 per page, per side ($1.00 for a fully duplexed page). 

If you have documents you need to print in color and cannot make it into the above labs, see the Campus Copy Centers for printing in color.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​