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How To Use Intelliprint

When you print from a lab or classroom computer at DePaul, you will see two Intelliprint printer options.

Printing to the DePaul (Loop/LPC) Default Printer will make the job available at all printers on the referenced campus. The job will be held at print stations under the BlueKey login credentials (​ or just the "username" portion of your email address) that you used to log into the computer and can only be accessed and released with the associated DePaul ID card.

The DePaul (Loop/LPC) Convenience/IPFA printer is provided as an option for users of Convenience Cards or users printing from their personal computers via IPrint From Anywhere (IPFA). Like the Default Printer choice, this printer also makes the job available at all printers on the referenced campus. However, when you select this printer, you will be prompted to enter either your BlueKey login credentials ( or just the "username" portion of your email address) or the number printed on the front of the Convenience Card.  Please note, if you are using a Convenience Card, there are some older Convenience Cards in circulation that have dashes in the card number format.  Do not enter these dashes, simply enter the number portion of the card. 

After you have submitted your print job, you may visit any print station on the corresponding campus to release it. Simply swipe your DePaul ID card or Convenience Card to view and release the job. You will only see jobs that are associated with your BlueKey login credentials ( or just the "username" portion of your email address) or the Convenience Card number that you supplied. All print jobs will expire four hours after submission.​​​​