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Purchasing Software for Student Personal Computers - Kivuto

These directions explain how students can purchase software for personal computers from the Kivuto web store.

  1. If you d​on't have one, create your student mailbox ("" account) as described here.
  2. Navigate to the Kivuto web store homepage and sign in using your "" address. ​​
    1. I​f you don't already have a Kivuto account, you can register one using your "" address. Upon completing registration, check your DePaul email for a confirmation email. 
    2. If you do not receive an email, select the Eligibility tab and click "Resend Confirmation Email".Kivuto_2018_pic01.png
  3. You will see the message "Your email address has been successfully verified" after completing the verification.
  4. 002
  5. O​nce signed in, Click on your email address and then"Your Account/Orders" link. 
  6. Click on the "Account Information" link.
  7. 003
  8. Completely fill out the "Account Details" form. You will not see product listings if this is incomplete.
  9. Kivuto 004.png
  10. From the "Your Account/Orders" page, click on the "Eligibility" tab.
  11. Save the expiration date for your Kivuto account. On this date, verify your eligibility as a student again by    clicking on the "Request Additional Eligibility" button.
  12. 005
  13. From the home page, click on the "Start Shopping" link.
  14. Use the navigational bar to browse for products. In this example, a student is locating the "DreamSpark Premium" listing.
  15. 006
  16. Check your eligibility before attempting to make a purchase.