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Jamf Self Service

​Information Services uses the Jamf Suite from JAMF Software for the management of macOS computers. Jamf provides a Self Service function where users can obtain and install software provided by Information Services.

Install Jamf Agent:
If the Self Service application is not present, you will need to install the Jamf agent from a package available on Campus Connect.

  1. Go to and enter your
    BlueKey login credentials ( email address and password).​CasperSelfService01.png
  2. Navigate to W drive > software > Faculty-Staff > Mac > Jamf to locate the zip file
    Access Jamf zip file in W drive
  3. Download the file installer.
  4. Extract the ZIP file and double-click JamfProAgentInstaller.pkg to install the Jamf agent.

Launch Self Service Application:

  1. The Self Service application will appear in your "Applications" folder after the installation has completed.Launch Jamf from apps folder