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Advocacy Services

DePaul University has many departments that support our veteran students. Our office and these departments work together to help veterans transition into university life with the end goal of successful completion of a degree. Below is a list of departments that veterans can use during their time at DePaul.

Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership

Veterans Integration To Academic Leadership
What is VITAL?
Veterans Integration to Academic Leadership (VITAL) is VA’s approach to reaching out to Student Veterans to help facilitate the transition from Servicemember to Student. 

The VITAL Initiative is a partnership between the VA Medical Center and local colleges and universities. We’re here to help you navigate your needs and concerns and maximize your unique set of strengths, skills, and life experiences as you develop and translate your interests and talents into an academic setting. 

Services for Veterans
  • Enrollment into VA healthcare 
  • Coordination of care to VA medical and specialty clinics 
  • Connections to community and VA resources including VBA (Veteran Benefits Administration) & Veteran Readiness and Employment (VR&E)
  • Assistance with obtaining academic accommodations 
  • Connection to peer support 
  • Support with university processes regarding academic actions and/or conduct issues 
  • Support in developing time management, organization, and study skills 
  • Referrals for mental health counseling and transition support 
  • On-campus access to VA services and benefits 
  • An ally at school who understands your unique needs as a Student Veteran 
Services for Faculty/Staff
  • Education for university staff and faculty about military and veteran culture 
  • Consult about Veteran-specific issues that impact performance and retention 
  • Work with university counseling centers in serving the unique mental health needs of Student Veterans 
  • Assist with communications between VA healthcare and university staff/ faculty about your concerns, resources, and student needs 
If you have any questions, please contact our team at VHACHSVITAL@va.gov. We respond to all requests within two business days. You can also contact our Program Coordinator, Dr. Donna Crossman at 773-986-7310.

For more information about the VITAL program, visit: VA College Toolkit: VITAL Program​