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Undocumented Student Support

DePaul DREAM Statement

At DePaul University we affirm the dignity of the individual. We value diversity and culture because these are part of our core values and traditions as a Catholic, Vincentian, and urban university. DePaul University has decided to take a strong and public stand for supporting undocumented students, and DREAM Act legislation. We believe supporting undocumented students is smart policy that will yield significant benefits for our university, city, state, and nation. We also know these young people who enter our doors are part of the next great generation who will build our collective future. It is for this reason that DePaul admits students regardless of their citizenship status. Because we welcome these students, it is incumbent upon all members of the DePaul community to understand DePaul’s position on assisting undocumented students, realize the value that they bring to our university, and support their success as we support all of our students.

DePaul University takes a strong and public stance in support of Undocumented students in line with its core values and traditions as a Catholic, Vincentian, and urban university. As part of our commitment to serve those that identify as Undocumented or DACAmented, we provide next steps, information, and resources including financial support, campus referrals, legal protections, mental wellness, advocacy, and more for current undocumented and DACAmeneted students.

This page should serve as a guide for support and resources that students and allies can find at DePaul. We also list external resources in the Chicago land community and beyond for continued support and success.

Office Locations:

Lincoln Park Student Center
2250 N Sheffield Ave, STE 105
Hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Office of Multicultural Student Success Cultural & Resource Centers
O’Connell Hall
1036 W Belden Ave (enter on 2320 N Kenmore) - 3rd Floor
Room 356
Hours: by appointment

Undocumented Student Staff contact/support

Please feel free to schedule an in person meeting or over the phone conversation. We want to ensure that students feel welcomed and honored in whatever identity they hold. 1 on 1 sessions can be walk ins or scheduled.

Kimberly Everett, PhD
Pronouns: ​she/her/hers
Interim Liaison for Undocumented Student Support/ Monarch Butterfly Scholarship
Director, Office of Multicultural Student Success

Financial Support for Undocumented Students

Unfortunately, undocumented students are not eligible to receive federal financial aid, but there are other opportunities listed below to finance your education.

DePaul University Student Government Association in collaboration with the Office of Multicultural Student Success presents a scholarship opportunity for returning FAFSA-ineligible, immigrant, undergraduate students. Student selections will be based on financial need, academic performance, extracurricular activities and community service.

Download Monarch Butterfly Scholarship Application

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be an immigrant student whattended High School in the United States for at least three years prior tgraduation or GED completion.
  • Be a full-time enrolled, returning undergraduate sophomore, junior, senior or a transfer student
    • If a senior, must be a full-time enrolled for one academic year (3 quarters consecutively upon receiving scholarship)
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • Not eligible for FAFSA
  • Have completed an Institutional Need Assessment Form from the Office of Financial Aid OR completed the Rise Act/ Alternative Application through the Illinois Student Assistance Commission
  • Demonstrate significant unmet financial need
  • Have not received the scholarship for more than twacademic years (6 quarters)

Selecting Our Scholars:

  • We award scholarships tstudents whhave demonstrated significant unmet financial need and the determination tsucceed in college and in life. We recognized that, given life circumstances, a student's academic record may not fully reflect the student's ability to succeed. For this reason, we place greater emphasis on a student's demonstrated determination to succeed than on grades and test scores. If you dnot receive the scholarship, you may reapply in future scholarship rounds if you meet the eligibility requirements for that round.

Program Requirements:

  • Full-time/part time enrolled student
  • Mandatory group meetings
  • Mandatory Service Day
  • Attend one Cultural and Resource Center event per quarter
  • Individual check-ins with support staff
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA

Application Process:

  • Application Deadline: Friday, May 14, 2021, 4 P.M. Central Standard Time
    • Your application and supporting documents must be submitted by Friday, May 14, 2021, by 4 P.M. All forms and documentation must be uploaded to the Monarch Butterfly Scholarship via the DePaul Scholarship Connect Portal. Please note that forms and documents must be in PDF, JPG, GIF, PNG or TIF formals. Documents cannot be password protected. When uploading application to the secure link, please title the file as [Last Name_ Application].
    • You must complete and submit Institutional Need Assessment Form from the Office of Financial Aid. Tobtain the Institutional Need Assessment (INAF), students must email the Office of Financial Aid at finaid1@depaul.edu. This form must alsbe included with your application. When uploading to the secure document upload website, please title the file as [Last Name_ INAF].
    • Unofficial copy of your DePaul transcript. When uploading to the secure link, please title the file as [Last Name_ Transcript] and submit via the Scholarship Connect Portal.
    • Two completed essays. When uploading to the secure link, please title the file as [Last Name_ Essay] and submit via the Scholarship Connect Portal.
    • Any additional supporting financial documents (if available)
      • A copy of your parents' most recently filed IRS form 1040, if available; OR
      • If you are financially independent, provide a copy of your most recently filed IRS Form 1040, if available; OR
      • Other financial documents that will verify your income
      • All financial documents should be submitted via the Financial Aid secure document upload website.

While undocumented students are not eligible for federal or state funds/grants, there are other to finance an education. Below you will find a list of scholarship opportunities outside of DePaul that can aid in your academic journey. Note: for the most accurate and up to date information for these scholarships and amounts please visit main websites of the organizations listed below.

The Retention of Illinois Students & Equity (RISE) Act allows eligible undocumented students and transgender students who are disqualified from federal financial aid to apply for all forms of state financial aid. The Alternative Application for Illinois Financial Aid provides a pathway for these qualified students to apply for Monetary Award Program (MAP) grants, the state's largest need-based grant program for low-income college students.

For more information and helpful FAQs, click on the link above.

Key Programs, Services and Resources

This interactive training addresses challenges faced by undocumented students at DePaul University and appropriate ways we can assist them. It is a part of the Build Diversity Certificate (BUILD). BUILD is a professional development diversity certificate available to all DePaul University faculty and staff. BUILD provides participants with the "building blocks to an inclusive campus". The workshop is offered throughout the academic year and is also available upon request. To find out more information about the Build program or request a workshop click here

The UnDOC Dialogue is a campus-wide discussion series/programs designed to foster a welcoming, supportive, and safe campus environment for undocumented students by creating a visible network of allies.

Topics include, but are not limited to: issues of documentation of students and the larger implications on immigration, UnDOC leaders in the community, Workshops, Advocacy, and much more.

DePaul University takes a strong and public stance in support of undocumented students in line with its core values and traditions as a Catholic, Vincentian, and urban university. We further partner with a variety of campus partners across the institution for training sessions and other support initiatives for students.

University Counseling Services helps remove barriers to learning by providing accessible psychological and psychiatric assessment, short-term psychotherapy, medication management, consultation and crisis intervention, community referrals, workshops and psychoeducational programming to currently enrolled students. Services offered and how to make an appointment.

The Education and Counseling Center offers a safe, confidential environment for adults, children, couples, and families in search of personal counseling and support. Graduate counseling interns serving under the direct supervision of doctoral level licensed clinicians, conduct counseling sessions for individuals of all ages, couples, and groups. Request an appointment here.

Since the legal and political statuses of DACA and undocumented persons remain so fluid, students are encouraged to consult with independent resources – especially immigration attorneys before making any decisions. Below you will find legal resources on campus.

The Office of the General Counsel participates in the University's DREAM Working Group, a standing committee dedicated to exploring opportunities to nurture DePaul's undocumented student population. We further partner with the Office for Institutional Diversity and Equity to offer routine training sessions to DePaul faculty and staff on serving undocumented students.

The DePaul Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic can assist students and their families. They have also developed a referral list of low-cost legal service providers who provide assistance in DACA cases and have engaged DePaul College of Law alumni to provide one-on-one consultations for DACA and undocumented students. For appointments, students can contact Jenny Freundt at jfreundt@depaul.edu.


The information, materials, and resources presented on this site are for general informational, and educational purposes and do not constitute legal advice. If you have questions in regards to immigration policies, statues, and processes please direct them to a licensed immigrant attorney. Information on this webpage are subject to change at any time. Updates will be provided from time to time but due to the ever-changing landscape of policy changes faculty, staff, and students should continue to seek updates concerning the topics covered on this page on their own.