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Transfer Students

Resources for transfer students. Learn about transfer student orientation.

Academic Support through Students Together Are Reaching Success (STARS)

STARS peer mentors assist with the transition into the DePaul community during a student's first year. Students are offered various services that perpetuate their academic, cultural, transitional and leadership development. These students also can give back to the community later on in their academic careers by serving as peer mentors to future DePaul students.

Watch the STARS Video.

More information on the Peer Support page.

Transfer Peer Mentors @ DePaul

The Transfer Peer Mentor program aims to jumpstart your success at DePaul by ensuring a successful transition. You will be guided through your first year at DePaul with a one on one peer mentor to support you.

More information on the Transfer Peer Mentors page.


Transition DePaul is our mandatory orientation program for incoming transfer and adult students. Transition DePaul programs are offered in the summer for students entering DePaul in the fall quarter, in the winter months for students entering in the winter quarter, and in March for students entering in the spring quarter.

We recognize that you may have attended an orientation already as a freshman at another institution, and we also understand that your needs are different from that of a freshman student. The one-day Transition DePaul program is designed so that students have all their student-related business taken care of prior to the start of classes.

At Transition DePaul, you will:
  • Meet with an academic advisor from your college
  • Select and register for courses
  • Get your DePaul ID card
  • Meet other new students
  • Tour campus
  • Learn about campus resources and services
  • Attend sessions with helpful, relevant information about life at DePaul
  1. Complete the Required Placement Process

    At DePaul, students complete their required placement process online before registering for orientation. To complete the placement process, log in to Blue Demon Domain with your user ID and password.
    Please note – it can take up to two business days for placement tests to process.

  2. Register for Transition DePaul

    One or two business days after you complete the placement process, return to Blue Demon Domain to sign up for the orientation session most convenient for you. Note – registration for orientation closes 5-7 days before the program.

  3. Receive Your Confirmation Details

    Once we receive your Transition DePaul reservation, a confirmation email will be sent to you with the date, time and location of your session. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, please email orientation@depaul.edu.
    Do NOT make any travel arrangements prior to receipt of the confirmation email.