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Students Together Are Reaching Success (STARS)

First-year students of color and First Year Academic Success students interested in the holistic support services that the Office of Multicultural Student Success (OMSS) provides can participate in this exciting program. Every first year student of color and First Year Academic Success program participant is assigned a mentor. Students choose to become active in this program after meeting their mentor. STARS peer mentors assist with new-student transition into the DePaul community during their first year.

Student mentees in the STARS program are offered various services that support their academic, cultural, transitional and leadership development. These students also have the opportunity to give back to the community later in their academic careers by serving as peer mentors to future DePaul students.

Peer Mentoring and Services

  • Mentoring: By joining the STARS Program, first-year students are paired up with a successful, upper-class mentor who helps them manage their way through the first year of their college experience, connects them to the campus community and assists them with finding the opportunities that best fit their interests and needs.
  • Advocacy: In conjunction with STARS mentors, the Office of Multicultural Student Success staff provides advocacy to students who may have personal or academic issues related to a situation or experience they've had on or off campus.
  • Advising: Your mentor can connect you to an OMSS staff member who can provide one-on-one advising sessions regarding your personal, vocational and social concerns and needs.
  • Academic Support: OMSS provides academic assistance through our Reaching for Academic Progress (R.A.P.) program to all OMSS program participants and scholarship recipients. As part of the R.A.P. program, OMSS staff monitors student academic progress at the middle and end of each quarter. R.A.P. sessions, or one-on-one meetings with an OMSS staff member, may be scheduled at midterms or finals.
    In addition, OMSS receives academic progress information about all STARS mentees from their professors each quarter for the purpose of academic progress dialogues and retention research.
  • Referrals: STARS mentors and office staff are connected to various departments on campus including the Dean of Students Office, Residential Education, Financial Aid and University Counseling Services. Students who have general questions or concerns can contact their mentors or office staff to connect them with the appropriate department or individual on campus.