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Video Conferencing Solutions

General Video Conference Room Options

If you are looking for ways to have video conference meetings using your existing conference room, you can contact us at to go over the options below or to review alternative solutions.


Polycom is a video conferencing solution that allows you to connect with other Polycom rooms at DePaul or around the world. Click here for more information and a list of all Polycom rooms available at DePaul.

Skype for Business

Connect with coworkers from your desktop using Skype for Business video conferencing or instant messaging.  Find more details here on DePaul's Skype for Business offering.  


Zoom is an enterprise video/web conferencing utility.  It works well with D2L, it can integrate with your calendar for scheduling online meetings and provides instant messaging when used from the desktop client.  Find more details here on DePaul's Zoom offering.