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Digital Signage at DePaul

Information Services has partnered with Nanonation to provide a full featured solution for Digital Signage. A department can create its own digital signage network and manage multiple screens for different locations through one easy web based interface known as CommandPoint. 

If you are interested in setting up digital signage for your area/department, please email​, and a tech specialist will schedule an appointment with you to go over your needs with you.

The basic requirements are a TV screen/monitor, a player (departments can use existing workstations if they meet the system’s requirements) and a Nanonation license.   
The costs can vary depending on the number of displays, what type of equipment is used for the display, and where the displays are located. 
  • One Time Setup Costs - Signage setup may need to be planned for, including network cabling and power outlets, depending on where the unit will be located.   These hookup costs can vary greatly depending on the building and location.  Information Services will work with you to obtain a quote from Facility Operations so that you can understand how much these cabling and hookup costs will be.   
  • License Fees - Each display will require a license, which costs $450 for the initial setup and an additional $320 per year in maintenance support.  Information Services will cover all player licensing costs. 
  • Player Departments will also need to provide a video display and a player.  If a department does not have an existing computer to use as a player, one recommended unit is the Dell 3060, which is roughly $440. Details can be found here. Click on the Dell filter and select OptiPlex 3060 Micro - DIGITAL SIGNAGE ONLY or contact  
The vendor has created a user guide to get started and a training video that will allow your department to manage your signs.