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Unified Messaging Voicemail Instructions

Unified Messaging integrates your voice messages with your Outlook Inbox. Using this system, you can access your voice messages over the phone or through Outlook and review, respond, or forward messages using your phone or your computer.

When using the Unified Messaging system, there are a few key items to note:

  • Dial 312-362-6245 Ext. 2-6245 (2-MAIL) to access your voicemail.
  • Dial Ext 2-6600 to transfer a caller directly to another person's voicemail (Express Messaging).
  • Only items in your Outlook Inbox will be accessible via the telephone.
  • You can reset your own Voicemail PIN by visiting
  • If you move a voicemail into your online archive, that voicemail will no longer be accessible from the phone
For more information on Unified Messaging, please reference this quick guide​. ​​​​​