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Zoom Room Conference Rooms

Zoom Rooms is a software-based conference room system that provides integrated audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing and video conferencing.  Zoom Rooms seamlessly integrate conference room video equipment with Zoom meetings.

Zoom Room Owner Resource Account
Loop - CNA - 701 IS
Loop - CNA - 725 IS
Loop - CNA - 734 IS
Loop - CNA - 840e IS
LPC - SAC - 285 IS

What is Required to Set Up A Zoom Room?

Each Zoom Conference Room requires a specially equipped IPAD and PC, as well as a variety of devices including cameras, microphones, speakers, and displays. Individual room configurations may vary depending on physical layout and availability of existing hardware. For departments interested in setting up a Zoom Conference Room, please contact Audio Visual Design & Consulting (AVDC) to discuss price, setup, licensing and setup at or

Zoom Rooms FAQs

For an overview of a Zoom Conference Room, click here
Costs will vary depending on what additional equipment is needed for the room, but departments should consider these costs when planning for a Zoom Room:
  • One Time Setup Costs - Setup costs may be incurred, including network cabling and power outlets, depending on where some of the equipment will be located.   The costs can vary greatly depending on the building and location.  Information Services will work with you to obtain a quote from Facility Operations so that you can understand how much these cabling and hookup costs will be.   
  • Special PC and iPad Cost – A special use PC and iPad will need to be dedicated for the Zoom Room.  Log into the DePaul computer ordering site here, then click on the OptiPlex 7060 + iPad 9.7" Bundle - ZOOM ROOM ONLY.  The cost for the computer and iPad is approximately $1,039. 
  • Additional Equipment - TV displays, speakers, cameras, and microphones may need to be purchased.  The Information Services AV Engineer will review those options with you, and then provide a quote for the equipment that will need to be purchased. 
  • License Fees – Information Services will cover the Zoom Conference Room annual license fee, which costs $435.
You may find the Zoom Room User guide here