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Veteran Services

About Us


Veteran Student Services assists student veterans in their transition to college and supports them in achieving their educational goals.  Through collaborations with the university and external partners, we provide support, resources and programs that are relevant to veterans at DePaul.  The office also works to promote an environment that is inclusive of the veteran experience, in which student veterans can thrive as engaged members of the DePaul community. 

Meet the Veteran Liaisons

Veteran Liaisons are DePaul students with prior military experience that can help you connect with benefits and resources as well as provide support in transitioning to academic life.

Our Veterans Liaisons

  • Zack Evanson
  • Jordan Lopez
  • Lucas Estelle
  • Ryan Nash

Zack Evanson

Zack Evanson served nine years on active duty in the United States Air Force where he was stationed at Andersen AFB, Guam, Bolling AFB, Washington DC and the United States Air Force Academy, Colorado. During his enlistment, Zack deployed to Qatar, Afghanistan and Jordan where he conducted daily anti-terrorism operations. Currently Zack is pursuing a degree in finance with a minor in accounting. Zack is the second of his family to make the transition from active duty service to academi​c life and is eager to help fellow veterans experience the same stress-​free transition that he did.​

Jordan Lopez

Jordan Lopez served four years on active duty in the United States Army. He was stationed at Ft. Wainwright, Alaska and completed a tour of duty in Afghanistan from 2011-2012. He is currently a junior at DePaul and is pursuing a degree in international studies.  Jordan is also a transfer student and is capable of handling many issues veterans face when transitioning to, or continuing their academic career. He is eager to help veterans use​ all the opportunities offered to them as veterans at DePaul.​

Lucas Estelle

Lucas Estelle served nine years on active duty in the United States Army. He was stationed at Ft. Buckner in Okinawa, Japan, Ft. Huachuca in Arizona, and Tempe Recruiting Command in Tempe Arizona. During his enlistment, Lucas deployed to the Philippines in 2005 and to Iraq in 2006-2007. Lucas is a transfer student who is currently pursuing a degree in mathematics with a minor in theater studies. He is excited to be of service to fellow veterans and members of the DePaul community. Lucas is glad to share his experience and knowledge of the different opportunities that are offered to veterans at DePaul University.​ 

Ryan Nash

Ryan Nash served five years on active duty in the United States Coast Guard. He was stationed in Grand Haven, MI, and Houma, LA, and continues to serve at Marine Safety Unit Chicago in the USCG Reserves. In Louisiana, Ryan performed as a liaison by relaying information between civilian contractors and military officers. He is currently a junior at DePaul University where he is pursuing a degree in computer science. Ryan hopes to provide awareness to DePaul veteran students in the form of campus resources, information on benefits and the overall transition process.​

Advocacy Services

DePaul University has many departments that aim to help support our veteran students. Our office and these departments work together to help veterans transition into university life with the end goal of successful completion of a degree. Below is a list of departments that veterans can use during their time at DePaul.

More information is available on the Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Services web page.

Community Building

DePaul is fortunate to have Veterans Affairs offices in the Loop and Lincoln Park. These offices are available for veteran students and students using veteran’s benefits to come and visit with other veteran students. It is also an office that can help answer any questions that DePaul veteran students might have. Visit us at:

Loop Campus Lincoln Park Campus
1. E Jackson Blvd, DePaul Center, Suite 11011 2250 N. Sheffield Ave, Student Center,Room 360

Some events that the office holds for community building opportunities are listed below:

  • Veterans Quarterly Connect
  • Veterans Day
  • Memorial Day

Veterans Quarterly Connect

Student veterans are welcomed back to campus every quarter with food and camaraderie. The event takes place during the 2nd week of every quarter in both Lincoln Park and the Loop. ​

Veterans Day

Veterans Day at DePaul is a time to celebrate the contributions that veterans make in the classroom and throughout campus. This day of celebration is observed every November, in collaboration with a variety of university departments. ​

Memorial Day

DePaul prepares for Memorial Day weekend with a commemoration service for fallen service members that spreads awareness across campus about the significance of the holiday and asks all to pledge support for troops in service.

Transition to Careers

Sponsored by Bank of America, this program is a partnership between six DePaul departments that have come together to deliver skills-based resources and on-going support to ensure that currently enrolled student veterans are not only prepared to transition into employment, but also to make decisions that impact long term financial stability. 

Through a series of workshops, on-going individual services and opportunities for career networking, our goal is to ensure that DePaul student veterans are successfully transitioning to their civilian careers after graduation.

DePaul student veterans that participate in the program will:

  • Learn skills for conducting an effective job search
  • Receive hands-on resume and cover letter writing support
  • Gain access to alumni and corporate representatives for an expanded network
  • Get personal financial and long-term financial planning support
  • Have access to assistance with legal issues and other barriers to employment
  • Learn how to access on-going support from DePaul resources

Employers interested in sponsoring a meeting of the Student Veterans Union should contact to schedule a visit. 

On-Going Support

The following DePaul offices have partnered to develop workshops for veterans as well as provide on-going support related to the careers and financial futures of student veterans. Visit each website to view their resource offerings, and to learn how to contact them for support.

Employer Connections

Employers interested in sponsoring a meeting of the Student Veterans Union should contact to schedule a visit.