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Wireless Devices

Some older devices may not support 802.1x authentication and therefore will be unable to connect to the eduroam wireless network. You should use the wireless network dpupsk for these devices. In order to connect to this network please follow the steps below.  (*Note) We highly recommend connecting gaming consoles to the network via the ethernet port(s) available in the residence hall rooms for the best experience.  Instructions are listed at the bottom of the page under Wired Devices.

Device Examples: Playstation, XBOX, Roku and ROKU TV, Amazon Echo, etc.

1. Register your device at by following the instructions listed below.​
2. Locate  the wireless network: dpupsk and connect
* Note: this network may not be visible and may need to be entered manually
3. Enter required network settings. This may consist of just entering in the "Password" or WPA Key
Network Type: WPA2-PSK
Login below to view the Pre-Shared Key (Password): Click To Get WPA Key

1. Login to the Device Registration portal with your Campusconnect username and password.

Devie Registration step 1

2. Click on "create" to add a device

Devie Registration step 2

3. Fill in a device name that makes sense to you. Enter the MAC address of the wireless card on your device. Consult the manufacturer's documentation for where to find this information or contact the Help Desk for assistance. Click "Create Device".

Devie Registration step 3

4. Your device should now show as successfully registered.

Devie Registration step 4

Wired Devices

Registering with NetAuth

Devices connecting to the wired network infrastructure in the residence halls will need to follow these steps at least once each academic year.

1.   Open a Web Browser on your device.

2.   If you aren't automatically directed to the Network Authentication page, simply navigate to

3.   Login with your BlueKey login credentials ( email address and password).

4.   The system will prompt you to close your browser and wait the specified amount of time for registration to complete

For Support

Call the Help Desk​ at 312-362-8765 to obtain assistance setting up your device. ​