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Move/Add/Change Line

​Phone moves, adds, and changes include moving an existing line to a new location, creating a new line, deleting a line that is no longer needed, or assigning an existing line to a different employee.  Phone moves and changes are performed at no cost, however, departments will be charged for calls made from that line and for any new equipment that is needed.

  • Phones must be purchased through Information Services
  • Your department pays for any cable or wiring that needs to be added
  • Please allow five days for your request to be completed
To move, add, or change a telephone:
  1. Complete the telephone move/add/change form.
    Please note that any new telephone requests received in June will be billed in the next fiscal year.
  2. Once the information has been received, a technician will assess the space to determine if any additional cabling is needed.
    • If cabling is present, the technician will use the existing wall jack and complete the request.
    • If additional cables are needed, a technician will submit a request to Facility Operations. Depending on the scope, a cable installation can take up to three weeks.
  3. If you are unsure of the space, e-mail to schedule a review of the new or existing space.

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