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U-Pass @ DePaul


Your Ventra U-Pass provides unlimited rides on CTA buses and trains during the Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer Quarters. 

If you DO NOT plan on using the U-Pass for the Spring Quarter, please fill out this opt out FORM. Students who plan on opting out of the U-Pass must fill out the opt out form on or before April 19, 2021. (NOTE: ​Credits​ for the U-Pass fee will not be issued until 5 to 7 business days after April 21, 2021.)

If you cannot come to campus, your U-Pass can be mailed to you by completing the U-Pass Mailing Form. (Note: Your U-Pass can only be sent to the mailing address listed in Campus Connect)​

*It can take 3-10 business days for changes in eligibility to be reflected in the Ventra U-Pass system as it is not possible to directly link to the DePaul course enrollment system.

DePaul Center Suite 9200

       1 E. Jackson Blvd.

       Chicago, IL 60604


Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM-5:00 PM


Student Center, Room 109

2250 N. Sheffield

Chicago, IL 60614


Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM CLOSED FRIDAY

Winter / Spring  U-Pass Dates

Student Population Start Date End Date
Undergraduate January 4th
March 26th
January 4th
March 26th
Law January 19th
May 20th​

Useful Information for Using your New Ventra U-PASS

  • Take your card out of your wallet before tapping to avoid charges to other contactless cards you may have.
  • Pay close attention to the tap display when using your U-Pass. This will help you to determine if your tap was a U-Pass transaction or if you have been charged regular fare for your ride.
  • Register your Ventra card online ( so that you can monitor your account and usage. Registration does not require that you link your card to a credit or debit card and does not automatically activate your U-Pass (which must be completed over the phone). Registering your U-Pass is not required but can be a very helpful tool.
  • Students are responsible for monitoring their own account information and status.
  • If changes have been made to your enrollment, please allow 3 to 10 business days for those changes to affect your U-Pass.