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Student Involvement & Organizations

How can Student Involvement help with class projects?

  • We can help you secure promotional tables and meeting spaces. However, those need to be reserved through DeHUB through your academic department. Individual students cannot reserve promotional tables.
  • In order to post flyers around campus, they must have your department’s contact information listed. Departments and registered organizations can get up to 25 posters approved per campus. To get your poster approved, please visit one of our offices.
  • If you’d like students to visit our office for a class project, please email us at involvement@depaul.edu. We can help coordinate anything needed for your visit.

Who should I contact about Student Involvement speaking in my class?

We’re always happy to visit your classroom. Please email involvement@depaul.edu and we’ll direct you to the staff member that can best serve your needs.

How can I contact student organizations?

As a faculty or staff member, you can visit DeHUB using your Campus Connect username and password. Here you can view student organization profiles and contact information.

How do I start a Student Organization on campus?

We’re happy to hear you want to start a student organization at DePaul. Student organization must be driven from student interest. If you’d like to start an organization, speak with your students. We would work closely with faculty and staff as advisors of the organization. However, students take the initiative to register, plan meetings, events, and apply for funding.

Advisor Resources

An advisor is a current staff or full-time faculty member of DePaul who is willing to support a student organization by donating their time, effort, and advice. This individual will serve as a resource and assist the student organization in navigating policies and procedures of the University. Advisors serve as a liaison to the Office of Student Involvement and therefore must promote and support the development of the members in a student organization. All student organizations are required to have an advisor at DePaul in order to register each year. Advisors will be notified yearly via DeHUB to review the organization’s registration form/approve this volunteer role, and will receive notifications each time a student organization makes updates their DeHUB profile.

Increasing Engagement through e-Learning: Impactful Advisor Training for the 21st Century

Advisors are invited to join the Advisor Network at DePaul DeHUB portal upon accepting their yearly appointment to serve as a student organization advisor. Through this portal, advisors will receive access to training, resources, and community among other faculty/staff advisors at DePaul. One such resource is the Student Organization Advisor Guide. Virtual communities such as the Advisor Network at DePaul can assist in the training and support of student organization advisors.

Accessible, convenient, online cohorts allow for learning, collaboration, and sharing of best practices in real time. e-Learning initiatives increase personal growth while providing greater opportunity to customize training based on needs of the organization and/or advisors. These virtual workspaces are economical, measurable and easily adaptable for commuting advisors who have limited time and access to on-campus meetings and activities.

The Advisor Network at DePaul is a pilot workshop series for advisors to student organizations to assist in their role in working with student organizations. It will incorporate web-based and in-person sessions for faculty/staff advisors. There will be 3 offered each quarter where advisors and learn and share from each other. This workshop series is intended to help advisors become more involved with their organizations, develop their student leaders, educate them on policy and contribute to their overall success.

Please contact Student Involvement at involvement@depaul.edu if you need additional information.​​