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New Network Jacks

IS can install and activate new network jacks for office spaces at a rate of $105 per jack. If a new cable is needed, departments will also need to cover this cost.

Please note that any new network jack requests received in June will be billed in the next fiscal year.

  1. Fill out the New Connection Request form.
  2. A technician will be scheduled to come on site.
    1. If additional cables are needed, a technician will submit a request to Facility Operations. The cost of the new cabling is the responsibility of the requesting department; it can range from $200-$1200 depending on location. A quote can be provided if necessary. Depending on the scope, a cable installation takes from two to three weeks.
    2. If cabling is already present, the technician will activate the port in three to five days.
  3. Once the network jack has been activated, a technician will contact the requestor and let them know the jack has been activated.
  4. IS will process a budget transfer for the activation charge.

Contact the Help Desk​ at  312-362-8765 (5-HELP) or to schedule a consultation with the DePaul Net​works team.