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​Information Services (IS) approaches all its projects with a standard methodology to ensure quality, manage resources wisely, and produce finished projects to the satisfaction and standards of the project stakeholders.  We use a collaborative approach that requires the direct involvement of the functional owners in the definition, testing and approval of the project results.  Please email if you have any questions or have a new project request.   

This list will be updated as projects are completed and new projects are added.  ​ If you have any questions regarding a particular project, please contact the project manager. 

Active Projects

Project Description Project Manager
Implement Slate Implement Slate as a replacement for EMAS​ Debbie Harris
Administrative Withdrawal Tool Provide a tool for administrative withdrawals so that proper approvals are completed, appropriate departments are notified to comply with federal financial aid requirements, and the information is clearly communicated to the student once requests are completed. The current tool no longer meets student or staff needs due to recent policy changes. Dave Doerries
Upgrade to SharePoint 2016 Upgrade the university's content management system from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016 Cara Kaufmann-Rosenthal
Email Initiatives ​Looking to streamline the onboarding process for employees by automating and making the request form(s) more efficient, providing long email aliases and assign standard DePaul email accounts for all employees for university communication Cara Kaufmann-Rosenthal
COG Routing and Email Change Rewrite change of grade workflow to incorporate fixes, business changes and promote better communication​ Debbie Harris
SharePoint 2010 Implement the conversion of our major content websites from Collage to SharePoint 2010.  This is a collaborative project involving Enrollment Management's Internet Communications team as well as the owners of the websites.​ Cara Kaufmann-Rosenthal
Time Off Requests and Manager Approval Tracker Enhance the process of tracking and keeping a record of employee absences and manager approvals Debbie Harris
Move Orientation to Slate Rewrite and move new studen orientation system to Slate Debbie Harris
Degree Conferral Workflow Project Autmatically run DPRs for graduating students to confirm eligibility Dave Doerries
Time Approver Security Assignment Automation Automate the current, manual time approver security assignment process Debbie Harris
Move I20 to Slate Create and I20 request process in Slate to handle the requests for incoming students. Debbie Harris
Student Employment Automation Automate student hiring process and achieve goal of the process being 100% paperless Amanda Cole
Online Meal Plan Update Modifications are needed to the current interface so that it will incorporate new meal plan packages and provide a means for which parents can request a meal plan for their student(s).  ​ Dave Doerries
PeopleSoft Custom App for CSD Provide requested enhancements to the application for Center for Students with Disabilities Cara Kaufmann
Online Room and Locker Rental Payments Create a page to allow credit card payments for Conference Services and Student Centers​ facilities as well as lockers Cara Kaufmann-Rosenthal
Syllabi Online Ability for faculty to store/create/edit course syllabi online.  Also provide a mechanism for students to research syllabi for their classes. Dave Doerries

Upcoming Projects

Project Description Project Manager
Supplemental Transfer Credit Application Create an online form for students to enter supplemental transfer credit requests​ Debbie Harris
Generic Card Access Controls Provide an online access control page app for door plan owners and generic access card managers​ Debbie Harris
Student Communication View Provide a central repository in Campus Connect for students which inlcude all communications from Enrollment Management.  This listing should also be available to parents/guardians via Delegated Access​ Debbie Harris
Nursing Compliance BPE Provide the ability for Nursing to track compliance, of all their students, faculty and staff, for the Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure​ Cara Kaufmann-Rosenthal
Streamlining the Digication Access Process ​The goal of this process is to create a streamlined process for faculty/student access to Digication ePortfolio either for individuals or course sections. Cara Kaufmann-Rosenthal
Implement Third Feed for Maxient Post implementation it was determined that there needs to be an additional feed created between PS and Maxient Dave Doerries
OTE 3 - Multiple Instructors Modify current evaluation system to allow for those courses with multiple instructors. Dave Doerries
Alumni User Profile Generation Provide the Welcome Center with a tool to generate an operid for alumni on demand​ Debbie Harris
Independent Study Form Create an independent study form that will compass all colleges and their processes​ Cara Kaufmann-Rosenthal
OISS SEVIS Feed Implement a process to provide staff the ability to register over 1800 records efficiently and in a timely manner in order to meet government mandated deadlines​ Debbie Harris
Commencement RSVP Update Decouple commencement RSVP from degree conferral and create new commencement communications​ Debbie Harris
COE Tracking Summary Create summary pages for COE integrated tracking Debbie Harris
Auto Feed for OISS D2L Course Automate process of adding new international students into the D2L Orientation site​ Dave Doerries
Tableau SSO Allow authenticated users to access Tableau reporting tool without having to exercise an additional login Dave Doerries
Real Estate Center Database Project The Real Estate Center is looking to replace its vended contact management system, FileMaker Pro, with a new database tool that is hosted and supported by IS.​ Cara Kaufmann-Rosenthal
JumpForward Implementation Create interfaces with Campus Solutions so Athletics can implement JumpForward product​ Debbie Harris
Non-Course Badges Provide the ability to reward students, faculty and staff for non-credited courses, seminars, projects and independent study.  Using Non-Course badges would be a way to provide incentive for completion.​ Cara Kaufmann-Rosenthal
Kellstadt Database Create a database/interface that is accessible to current students and Alumni​ Cara Kaufmann-Rosenthal
Event Compliance when Hosting Minors Part 2 Implement a series of enhancements to the current custom application Dave Doerries
Athletics Bus Sign Up Create a system to track bus sign up for athletic events and also track bus attendance​ Debbie Harris