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National Student Employment Week

​​National Student Employment Week (NSEW) is an annual celebration dedicated to honoring and recognizing DePaul's student employees! It's part of a national week of recognition as universities across the country celebrate the outstanding contributions and achievements of their student employees.  We celebrate NSEW at DePaul to acknowledge the incredible impact our 5,000 student employees have on our campus community!

SEOTY/SUPOTY Nominations

Each year, as part of the National Student Employment Week celebration, DePaul's Office of Student Employment coordinates a selection process to choose and recognize both a Student Employee of the Year (SEOTY) and Supervisor of the Year (SUPOTY). These awards recognize the hard work and contributions of stellar on-campus student employees and managers. 

2024 Student Employee of the Year

SEOTY 2024 Winner - Mady Johnson
Student Employee of the Year Winner, Mady Johnson.

We present the 2024 Student Employee of the Year award to Mady Johnson!

"Mady swiftly transcended the boundaries of her initial role. Her ability to manage and enhance our [online platform] presence while fostering partnerships with our social collaborators on campus was nothing short of remarkable. Beyond her technical accomplishments, Mady showed leadership and creativity by developing our organic social media strategy for Black History Month and Women's History Month ... her Vincentian spirit shone brightly ... proving her commitment not only to our department but to our community at large. Above all, Mady's positive attitude, her readiness to tackle new challenges, and her capacity to adapt and thrive in dynamic environments are what truly make her stand out."

2024 Supervisor of the Year

SUPOY 2024 Winner - Jennie von Drehle
Jennie von Drehle, Supervisor of the Year Winner, with student nominators.

We present the 2024 Supervisor of the Year award to Jennie von Drehle!

“Jennie's commitment to excellence and her ability to inspire and guide both colleagues and students alike have left an indelible mark on our university. She not only aided in enhancing my academic and social experiences at DePaul but also demonstrated exceptional skill in fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment. Jennie's genuine interest in understanding and celebrating my cultural background has made me feel valued and respected, contributing significantly to my sense of belonging within the university community. Jennie's deep understanding of DePaul's mission and values, coupled with her unparalleled professionalism ... has been instrumental in achieving shared goals and fostering a sense of community.

Congratulations to all the 2024 Nominees!! 

Click Here to see list of all SEOTY and SUPOTY nominees for 2024.

DePaul NSEW Schedule 2024: April 8th – 11th

Monday 4/8: Office Decorating and Button Making

Tuesday 4/9: Professional Development Day

Wednesday 4/10: Department Dodgeball Tournament

Thursday 4/11: Celebration Day! 

NSEW Flyer
Download NSEW 2024 flyer here.