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​The follo​wing workshops have been curated for student employee teams. We encourage managers to add these workshops to regularly scheduled team meetings to enhance the professional development for their student employees. Each workshop is designed to run 30-40 minutes, easily complimenting team meetings. 

The Office of Student Employment Staff and Peer Facilitators can lead these workshops for your team, or you can request a facilitator guide and materials to lead the workshop on your own. Any of these workshops are easily adaptable to your team’s unique needs. 

If you would like to request a workshop for your student employee team, please complete this form: Career Center Program Request Form

If you would like a workshop for a topic you do not see listed here, you can select “Other” in the request form and an OSE staff member will be in touch to consult on your topic. 

In this presentation, teams will come together to assess the culture and climate that currently exists in their department and within their team. Teams will come together to learn how they contribute individually and collectively to culture and climate, and they will orient themselves around core goals and expectations as a group that leads to a positive work environment and community.

In this presentation, you will learn about the emotional intelligence model and identify the emotional intelligence skills you have as well as skills you want to improve. We will discuss why emotional intelligence is important for you as a student employee and in your professional life post-college.

In this workshop, student employees will learn what project management really entails, and identify some strategies and best practices for honing their own project management skills. With scenarios and group discussion, participants will begin practicing some strategies right away and gain confidence in leading projects of their own.

In this workshop, students will learn how to put their best foot forward when it comes to public speaking as a student employee. Students will gain knowledge about how to prepare for a speech and develop skills for successfully delivering the content of their speech.

Student employees can learn how their current campus job translates to their career in this resume and interview prep workshop. They will learn how to identify transferable skills and tailor their resume and application materials. They will learn what types of questions they will likely face in an interview and practice articulating their on-campus experience to demonstrate their qualifications.

This program requires students to complete the Gallup CliftonStrengths Assessment (Student Version) prior to the workshop. (There is a cost associated with the assessment and the manager/department requesting this workshop is responsible for the fee of the assessment. Learn more about educational discounts here). This workshop will help students understand their own assessment results, how their strengths come together as a team, and how they can flex their individual strengths to grow as a leader, both in their student employee role and their future careers.

In this workshop student employees will learn initiative-taking skills to promote growth in their roles. They will learn the benefits of taking initiative, the best ways to take initiative, and how to determine which opportunities to take initiative are right for them. By the end of this workshop your student employees will have created a goal for how they will implement these skills in their current job.

As a student employee, you are tasked with balancing classes, work, activities, and many other obligations. In this module you will learn to build self-awareness around the challenges you may face as a student employee and develop executive functioning skills related to procrastination, time management, and motivation.