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Paying Your Student Employee

​​​​As a manager of student employees, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that the hours your students work are submitted and approved. Hours are submitted and approved through the Times & Absences section in BlueSky - you can access it by logging into Campus Connect. Please see the below compensation scale for suggested hourly rates. Please reach out to Financial Affairs​ for information about pay periods.

FICA Tax Exemption

Students are exempt from paying FICA taxes provided they are enrolled at least half-time or a minimum of six quarter hours (four for graduate students) or six semester hours and working part–time. Student employees are responsible for maintaining the necessary enrollment hours.

Compensation Scale

Effective July 1, 2023
Description Suggested Pay Scale
Midpoint Max
A Beginner positions; have few educational requirements and minimal to no work experience. Level A jobs are a great way to build a foundation of transferable skills. $15.80

B Require some education, skills, and/or previous work experience. In these types of positions, you will begin to develop a new set of transferable skills and build on the ones you already have. $15.80​

C Require at least 1–2 years previous experience and/or require certain levels of education (or specific coursework) with demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs). Usually, begin to provide students with direct experience in their desired field. Level C positions can qualify for CLD credit and fulfill the Experiential Learning requirement.

D May require more than 2 years of experience; junior, senior or graduate student status; specific coursework completed; and/or specific demonstrated knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs). Often require leadership skills and/or specific knowledge and experience in a field. Level D positions can qualify for CLD credit and fulfill the Experiential Learning requirement. $15.80

Please Note: Each position posted on Campus Job Board has a designated Ladder Level (A‐D) set by the Office of Student Employment. The pay grade represents the various experience levels of the student. When setting an hourly pay rate, the Office of Student Employment recommends managers consider the following factors: the position's ladder level, department budget, experience level of student and wage consistency of other employees in your department. If a manager would like to inquire as to the recommended starting wage, please contact the Office of Student Employment with a job description.