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Payroll & Timesheets

​​Getting Paid

In order to get paid for the work you do as a student employee, you need to track your hours and ensure that you are properly set up in DePaul's payroll system.


In order to get paid, you are responsible for documenting and submitting the number of hours you've worked during each pay period through BlueSky. Please review any specific departmental procedures with your manager.

Once you are hired, please refer to the Updating Time Card Toolkit for information about submitting your hours. Contact the Payroll Department for information regarding your paycheck.

Pay Periods & Payday

Visit the Financial Affairs website for the payroll calendar, pay dates, instructions for time entry and more. Paydays occur biweekly on alternate Fridays.

Direct Deposit​

All employees are encouraged to have their paychecks directly deposited into a personal checking, savings or money market account. Once hired you may log in to BlueSky and enter your direct deposit information via the following path: Me  > Pay > Payment Methods.  For instructions on how to set up direct deposit please click here.

Pay Deductions

Your paycheck will include deductions for all applicable federal, state, and local taxes. The university will also honor all legal wage deduction requirements including court-ordered support payments, garnishments, and assignments.

FICA Tax Exemption

Student employees are exempt from FICA tax withholding on wages earned while working part-time during academic terms in which they are enrolled at least half-time or a minimum of 6 quarter hours (4 for graduate students) or 6 semester hours.​​​​​​​​​​​