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Federal Work-Study

The Federal Work-Study Program is a need-based, federally funded, part-time employment program. Your salary is paid jointly by federal funds and by DePaul. Federal Work-Study is funding awarded to selected students by the Office of Financial Aid as part of a financial aid package.

Participating in Federal Work-Study

When you accept a federal work-study award, it is your responsibility to seek employment through the Office of Student Employment. Federal Work Study eligibility does not guarantee placement in an on-campus job. Please note that work-study dollars are paid directly to you for hours worked; funds are not credited to your tuition account from this program. Your hourly rate of pay will be based on the requirements of your job and on university pay scales, but will not be less than the federal minimum wage. You will receive a paycheck every other Friday.

Check your Financial Aid Award on Campus Connect
  • First, check your Financial Aid Award in Campus Connect
    Instructions: "Click 'For Students' > Campus Finances > View My Financial Aid"
    If your award includes a Federal Work Study offer, you are qualified.
  • If you check your financial aid award panel in Campus Connect and Federal Work Study is not listed as one of your awards, please contact DePaul Central. DePaul Central can determine if you are eligible to participate in the Federal Work Study program. You can contact DePaul Central by calling (312) 362-8610, or by visiting the DePaul Central Office at either the Loop or the Lincoln Park Campus.

Yes. This is because you qualify for Federal Work-Study based on your financial aid eligibility. Your qualifications can change depending on changes made to your financial aid eligibility or award.

Common circumstances that can affect eligibility:

  • Any appeal process: Special Circumstance, Independent Appeal, Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal
  • The federal verification process
  • Receiving additional grant or scholarship funding at any point in the year either from outside sources or from DePaul

For more information about Federal Work-Study, visit the Federal Work-Study page or contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Federal Work-Study income (although taxable) does not affect your future financial aid eligibility. The money you earn up to the amount of the award is considered “aid” and money earned above the award amount is considered “income” on your renewal FAFSA the following year. For more information on the treatment of Federal Work-Study earnings on your FAFSA, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at DePaul Central.

As a student working on campus you are required to pay State and Federal taxes, but you are exempt from FICA tax during the academic quarters.

Some positions at DePaul – such as the Community Service positions at the Steans Center or certain tutoring programs (for example: Jump-Start tutors, Catholic School Initiative tutors,  and Community Partners ) – are restricted to Federal Work Study-eligible students. However, for most positions, Federal Work-Study eligibility is not required. Be sure to ask the Office of Student Employment or DePaul Central if you have questions about your position.