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Request a Temp

Student Temporary Services

Student Temporary Services (STS) is an on–campus staffing service that efficiently provides managers with the best talent for their departmental needs. This service also offers students an opportunity to earn a wage, build valuable experience and begin climbing up the Ladder of Employment.

Requesting a Temporary Student Employee

  1. To get started, complete the online Request a Temp form.
  2. Make sure to include the following budget information: Position Number, Department Identification Code and Account Code. These fields will be used during the payment process. If you are unsure of this information, check with your department budget manager.
  3. Once you have made your request, a member of the STS staff will contact you to confirm the duties and requirements of the position, as well as the billing rate.

The office needs at least 24–48 business hours to find a suitable employee for the job. Once a temporary student employee is identified for your assignment, you will receive an email with the following information:

  • Student's name
  • Date, time and location the student is to report
  • Billing rate
*To hire an STS employee permanently with your department, please consult with the Program Manager, Fatima Mohammed, via email at 

At the end of each pay period, you will receive an email from with a screenshot of your temp’s hours. As a manager, you are required to confirm these hours before the STS team approves.

Every pay period, STS will bill the department for the services completed. You will receive an invoice with the following information:

  • Name of the student
  • Dates the student worked
  • Total hours worked
  • Pay rate and STS administrative fee

Managers have three business days to review the invoice. If no discrepancies are found, the department account will be charged automatically.

Have Questions?

Contact Student Temporary Services (STS) via email, or by calling (312) 362–5850.

The team is located in DePaul Center, suite 9500.