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Hiring Process & Paperwork

Before the student’s start date, managers need to submit a new hire request through the OSE Hiring Center in Campus Connect. Please note: this is an additional platform to BlueSky.

As a reminder, students cannot begin working until all paperwork processes are complete, including the in-person verification of their IDs for the I-9.  

Navigation Instructions:

  • Login into Campus Connect
  • Then follow this path: Campus Connect > DePaul Reports and Interfaces > Hiring Center > Student New Hires.
Submitting the Hiring Request
  • Once in the OSE Hiring Center, click “Create New Request" and search for the student you would like to hire
  • Once the request is complete, the manager clicks the “Submit to OSE" button at the bottom of the request
  • For a step-by-step walk-through of entering the request, view the Hiring - Student Employees video
For instructions on how to hire a student within the OSE Hiring Center, you can also review the OSE Hiring Center Instructional Guide.

Completing Hiring Paperwork
  • If your student is already an active on-campus employee, no further paperwork is needed after submitting the new hire request in OSE Hiring Center. Managers will receive an email once processed and can also check the OSE Hiring Center for the status of their hire request.

  • If your student needs to complete hiring paperwork, you and the student will get an email notification. This paperwork needs to be complete before they begin working. Both you and the student employee will receive an email confirmation from OSE that their paperwork has been processed. Both LPC and Loop OSE offices are open Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ​​