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Moving My Content to a Personal Box Account

You may need to transfer ownership of content from your DePaul Box account to a personal Box Account when your affiliation with the University ends.  To transfer ownership of content to a personal (non-DePaul) Box account, see below. 


Before You Transfer Your Content

If any folders in your DePaul Box account are currently synced, Information Services recommends that you unsync them before proceeding.

If you have not already done so, create a free personal (non-DePaul) Box account:
  1. Click here ​to select a plan level to sign up for.
  2. Complete the form and follow the on-screen steps. Note: You cannot use a DePaul email address.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Check the email of the address you entered, and click the link in the confirmation message to activate your personal (non-DePaul) Box account.​

Transferring your content

Transferring folders that you own
Note: If any folder you own contains DePaul institutional data, make sure to transfer that data to the appropriate university faculty or staff member.  
  1. From within your DePaul Box account, add your personal (non-DePaul) Box account as a collaborator for every folder you wish to migrate.
  2. Change your personal Box account's collaborator level to Folder Owner, and click Okay.
  3. From your personal Box account, remove your DePaul Box account as a collaborator on the folder.
By transferring your folders this way, you will maintain all existing collaborations. Any co-owners will be changed to editors when a folder is transferred.


Transferring loose files in your DePaul Box account

  1. Create a new folder in your DePaul Box account with a new descriptive name (e.g. Miscellaneous Personal Files).
  2. Move all loose files into that folder.
  3. Transfer ownership of that folder to your personal (non-DePaul) Box account.

Transferring folders on which you wish to remain a collaborator

  1. If you do not have sufficient permissions to invite your personal Box account as a collaborator, send a message to the folder owner requesting that your personal account be added as a collaborator at the appropriate level. The folder owner will need to know the email associated with your personal Box account to invite it.
  2. Accept the collaboration invite from your personal Box account.
  3. Remove your DePaul Box account as a collaborator. If your personal Box account does not have sufficient permissions to do so, you can remove yourself as a collaborator from within your DePaul Box account.
Note: If the folder owner has set the folder to restrict collaboration to within DePaul domains only, this setting will need to be changed to invite a personal Box account as a collaborator. Changing this setting should only be done if it is appropriate to do so.


Limitations of personal (non-DePaul) Box accounts

Be aware that limitations of personal (non-DePaul) Box accounts include:
  • The version history of files owned by personal Box accounts will not be accessible.
  • If a folder's collaborator hierarchy includes a co-owner, and that folder is transferred, the co-owner will be changed to an editor.  All other collaborators will maintain their current collaborator level.
  • Custom shared links will no longer direct the link user to the file or folder.
  • Depending on the type of personal account you set up (Free vs. Personal Pro), you will have a different cap regarding the storage available and the max file size upload limit