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How Do I...

Pages under the How do I section contain specific instructions for particular tasks related to information security which you may need to accomplish. 

Locating and Sending Email Headers

In order to properly investigate cases with spam, phishing, and fraudulent emails, the DePaul University Infomation Security Team requires that email headers be provided when reporting any of the aforementioned issues. These email headers contain critical information in determining the legitimacy of emails and can be extracted from by the user and sent to the security team for further analysis.

Configure Remote Desktop

The Remote Desktop feature available in Window desktops allows you to remotely control your office computer while you are at home or traveling. These steps will offer additional protection to prevent unauthorized access to your computer. Note: This configuration only can be performed by an Administrator of the computer.

Find your IP/MAC Address

At DePaul, we use both IP addresses and MAC address when performing incident response to computer security violations on the university network.

Recover from Network Suspension

The purpose of this article is to increase the awareness of the university community by promoting a self-service methodology which will aid in your education for future problems.