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Cyber Security Training for DePaul Students

Make sure that all of your computing, browsing, and digital communications are secure. Please take a few minutes to review the following videos that will help protect you from cyber attacks. Just a handful of proactive steps can help to ensure that DePaul students maintain a safe computing environment.

Introduction to Cyber Security Videos

DePaul’s Information Services is proud to present a cyber security guide. Learn about phishing, passwords, browser safety, protecting your personal devices, and responding to identity theft. See all the videos and more at the DePaul Information Services Vimeo page.



Phishing is a cyber-crime which uses email, telephone, or text message to lure individuals into revealing personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers. Phishing emails may closely resemble a legitimate email, with the from field faked to look like it is coming from a known person or business.


Passwords and Authentication

When it comes to technology, passwords are the easiest and most common ways to secure your information on the internet. But, having a password doesn’t guarantee that your information is safe. Many passwords are too easy for attackers to crack.


Safe Browsing

If you browse the internet and shop online, you enter and access important personal and financial information via websites all the time. This information, once given out, can potentially be stolen and used by hackers.


Protecting Personal Devices

The best way to protect your devices is to have multiple layers of security. You should secure your operating systems, add strong passwords, and install anti-malware software.


Responding to Identity Theft

If you believe your identity has been stolen resulting in abuse of your bank accounts or lines of credit, you need to act fast! First, contact the financial institution to freeze the account in question and change the password.


Learn more about Cyber Security

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