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Staff/Student Employment 9-6-22

​Screenshot of Malicious Email:

Example of malicious email offering employment

Begin​ning on September 3rd, there was a job scam email sent out from a compromised University email address. This email is similar to the job scam emails that the Information Security Team has been alerting the community about.

In this scam, the malicious email encourages the recipient to complete an online form to apply for the "job".

Once in contact with the malicious actor, the malicious actor will often attempt to request further personal information. Ultimately, the malicious actor will attempt to defraud the victim by sending the victim a fraudulent check and/or via a cash transferring app such as Zelle or Cash App.

Some indicators that these emails are malicious:
- Promises of easy money
- Communications being led off of DePaul's platform (i.e. emailing a non-DePaul email address)​