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Friend of DePaul FAQs

For guests of DePaul (not students, employees, or Alums) that will be located on any of DePaul's campuses or needing any IT services for any extended period of time (longer than two weeks), an account needs to be set up in DePaul's main systems (PeopleSoft and ActiveDirectory).  These visitor accounts are referred to as 'Friend of DePaul' accounts, and can have a number of different possible affiliations with the University, such as: third-party contractors, temporary workers, employees of building tenants, interns, visiting scholars, volunteers, etc.  Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Friend accounts.  If you or your department needs to sponsor a guest for long-term access, and need additional details or questions, please email, and someone will be able to assist you with this.  To request a Friend account be set up, fill out the form on the Information Services website here​.  

Friend of DePaul accounts are provided for long-term guests of the University.  These accounts can be used to provide individuals with access to and use of DePaul systems and IT resources.  
Friend accounts must be sponsored by a department and requested by an employee of DePaul.  The sponsoring department is responsible for this individual when they are on campus and while using DePaul resources, and must inform Information Services when the individual is no longer actively affiliated with the University and their access may be removed.   You may find the form to request account access removal here
Friend accounts are time-limited in nature, and must be re-authorized/renewed periodically.  Accounts may be set up for no longer than one year in length, and each time an account is extended it can be for a period no longer than another 12 months.  Once a Friend affiliation is nearing its upcoming end date, an email will be sent to the sponsor of record.  Only the sponsor  my use the automated  link in the email, and they may either extend the affiliation of the individual, or end it as needed.  If the sponsor does not extend the affiliation for the user, all system access will be removed as appropriate once the end date (as defined in the  PeopleSoft system) arrives.  
Friend accounts can get access to most systems and services that the rest of the DePaul student and employee community can.  Departments and sponsors need to work with the various system administrators, data owners, and other responsible parties, which may require official sign-offs and approvals as are required for other individuals.  Please note: When filling out the initial Friend account setup request, if this individual will need access to DePaul email, network folders, or computers, please make sure you ask for an email account at that time.