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Classroom Technology Enhancements

Classroom Technology

Classrooms are changing. As the technological needs of faculty and students continue to shift, one of the most important traits of the modern classroom is flexibility. Although plans to create more technologically advanced classrooms were ready before the pandemic, the challenges of teaching and learning during this time accelerated the implementation process.

Information Services and the AV Design and Consulting (AVDC) team has modified over 200 classrooms since the start of the pandemic. All of these classrooms are capable of in-person lectures and remote lectures. AVDC has also upgraded the cable and components for the vast majority of classrooms.

A summary of the work that was done

Zoom+ Rooms and Trimodal Rooms are software-based teaching spaces that allow for the integration of audio conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and video conferencing. This allows for students to attend class either in-person or remotely through a Zoom meeting.

Zoom+ Rooms are equipped with a camera, projector, and microphone to host Zoom meetings and facilitate screen sharing and digital whiteboards.

Trimodal Rooms have the same features as Zoom+ Rooms and use additional cameras, including a document camera, to allow instructors to switch between screens. Trimodal Rooms use TV monitors instead of projectors, one of which is an additional touch screen that can be used during meetings.

Additional technology-enhanced rooms allow for a camera to be focused on the faculty member, a projector, a mic to record their audio and a camera that is attached to the top of the whiteboard that has the capacity to record anything they write on the whiteboard. These rooms will allow the possibility for a faculty member to record their class so that students can review the material at a later time. Also, any content they show or display during their lecture can be recorded as well.

The AVDC team is enhancing classroom technology in two phases. The first was completed in 2020. The second is in progress in 2021. Some of the stats when both phases are completed:

  • 58 trimodal rooms 
  • 76 Zoom+ rooms
  • 46 additional technology-enhanced rooms
  • 256 new displays
  • 239 new cameras
  • 181 new microphones
  • 25 new switches
  • 932 new data ports
  • 389,000 feet of CAT6 cable
  • 42,000 feet of conduit

Phase 2 will utilize almost entirely high-speed (CAT6A) cabling. This will continue to expand the infrastructure originally added in 2018 with the Light Up DePaul WiFi project. This will better prepare the university for speeds in excess of 10 Gbps.

Faculty open houses for new classroom technology

To make sure all faculty have the opportunity to feel comfortable prior to their first day of class, Information Services and the Center for Teaching and Learning are offering a series of Open Houses. These sessions will provide you with an opportunity to come to campus and get some facilitated hands-on training in the classroom.  Learn more about classroom technology training for faculty. These informative open houses will be held throughout August.

Better classroom technology for teaching and learning

DePaul classroom technology is more flexible, fast, and helpful than ever before. Although AVDC had been planning these upgrades well before they had ever heard the term “COVID-19", the pandemic created a university-wide need for teaching and learning flexibility.

DePaul classrooms are now equipped with a variety of flexible tools to enhance our university experience. The AVDC team encourages everyone to get trained and use these upgrades to help the university move into a new technological era of teaching and learning.