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Professional Development Series for Student Employees

With the help of our campus partners, we are able to offer training sessions to help your student employees excel in their positions and enhance or build their professional skills. The best part? We bring the training to you; workshops are held in your department. We encourage you to compensate your student employees for attending. 

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Available Training:

Team Challenge

Looking for a different way to train, develop or challenge your student employees? Team Challenge is an experience-based program made up of low and portable elements designed to help organizations build trust, develop greater communication and establish higher levels of understanding and appreciation for all team members. Individual programs are tailored with each group's abilities and goals in mind. No two programs are ever the same! With the guidance of skilled facilitators, groups participate in a series of physically and intellectually challenging activities that help identify various group dynamics. There is a fee associated with this program to cover the cost of the student employees. The rates for the program can be found here

Please reach out at least three weeks in advance to allow time to arrange facilitators and book a space. For more information, visit our Team Challenge program webpage.​

Working with Challenging Customers

Scenario: A customer enters your office screaming and demanding an immediate response for an issue that your student employee is unable to handle. How should one react? What steps can a student employee take to calm the person down and make sense of what the problem really is? Over the course of this 60-minute workshop, student employees will learn the steps to identifying a challenging customer and better understand how to best address the customer’s concerns.​

Transferrable Skills: Your On-Campus Job & Beyond

In this workshop, students will uncover what skills they are utilizing in their on-campus job and how those skills can be transferred into a promotion, an internship or a full-time career upon graduation. Students will receive instruction on how to include skills on a resume and the best ways to explain those skills and experiences during a successful interview.​

Using MBTI to Enhance Your Student Employment Experience

For over 60 years, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has become the most widely used personality assessment in the world. In this workshop, students will self-assess four different preferences to discover their MBTI personality type. With each assessment, we will discuss how students can utilize their preferences as strengths as well as effectively collaborate with their manager and coworkers.​

Values in Student Employment

Student Employees will learn what motivates them in their position and department. They will develop a prioritized and personalized list of work values in their current position and how to keep those values for future job opportunities. ​

Professional Communication: Writing Emails

The University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL) will work with your program to create a customized, interactive 60-minute workshop on effective email communications. By the end of the workshop, student employees will be able to articulate the purpose and conventions of email communication in professional and/or academic settings. To arrange a workshop, please complete the UCWbL request form at least two weeks in advance. You can also contact Katie Martin at with any questions.​

Vinny Vow

This 3 hour interactive workshop offered by Health Promotion & Wellness teaches potential bystanders safe and positive ways they can act to prevent or intervene when there is a risk for sexual or relationship violence. Student employees will be equipped with the awareness, skills, and ability to challenge social norms that perpetuate sexual violence. Learn to make observations and recognize warning behaviors that may require intervention, including ways to intervene safely and effectively. ​​ Student employees will receive pizza during the workshop as well as a t-shirt and certificate upon completion.

Responsible Student Employee Training

College students are most likely to disclose instances of sexual and/or relationship violence to their peers, but what does that mean for students who are also employees of the University? The Office of Health Promotion & Wellness will take an in-depth look into what it means for students to provide support for their peers while reporting instances of sexual and/or relationship violence up to their managers. Student employees will learn skills such as active listening and how to provide a trauma informed response to these sensitive issues through the use of interactive learning activities and case studies. ​

FERPA & Student Privacy

By working at DePaul as a student employees, you are required to comply with the Family Educations Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA)—so what does that really mean?  Student employees will learn the basics of FERPA and how it applies not only to their specific on-campus position, but also to their rights as a student at DePaul.  Depending on areas of study and careers students plan to pursue, this workshop can also provide a general understanding of privacy rights in the workplace.  ​

Maximizing your Student Employment Dollars

Congratulations! You’ve secured an on-campus job and have a steady stream of income, but what are you going to do with that money? In this workshop, Financial Fitness will help student employees examine their financial priorities, and use their personal goals to develop a customized financial plan. Once a student has goals in place, both savings and budgeting become easier.​​​​​​