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DePaul University's National Student Employment Week

National Student Employment Week (NSEW) is dedicated to recognizing the incredible contributions of student employees and the support of their managers. Student employees and managers get an opportunity to come together to celebrate, win awards, take part in professional development workshops, and play a friendly game of dodgeball. During NSEW, one student employee and supervisor is awarded and recognized for their accomplishments, work ethic, leadership and lasting impact.

  • Student Employee of the Year

    Student Employee Of The Year

    We presented the 2018 Student Employee of the Year award to Grzegorz Skora, Crew Lead for the Department of Housing!

    “As Crew Lead, Greg has molded the team to what it is today. His mentorship and leadership has helped the team to develop and learn how to work in unison. When tension arises amongst the team, Greg steps in to deescalate the situation and get everyone back on the same accord. His thoughtfulness and ability to let everyone express themselves has helped the team to feel as if they have a voice. ”
    – Latoya Clark, Facilities Project Coordinator

  • Supervisor of the Year

    Supervisor Of The Year

    We presented the 2018 Supervisor of the Year award to Alyssa Rickman, Health Promotion & Wellness Coordinator!

    “Alyssa has the kindest soul you will ever find. No matter what she may have going on, she always has an open ear for whatever you may be going through and will offer genuine advice without judgement. Being able to trust a supervisor with not only professional but also personal concerns, and to have them actively care for your development in both areas, is a rarity. ”
    – Kimberly McEvilly, Peer Health Educator

Read the full essays of both our winners:

Congrats to all nominated student employees and supervisors!​​