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DePaul University's National Student Employment Week

Each year, the Office of Student Employment celebrates its student employees and the work they do with National Student Employment Week (NSEW). This year, NSEW was held April 8th-12th. Check out the winners below.

Student Employee of the Year

Student Employee Of The Year

We present the 2019 Student Employee of the Year award to Allison Marcella!

“She has been a critical source of ‘institutional memory in keeping important processes joined together - a very unique contribution during this time of transition for our department. She genuinely cares about her work and about the well-being of the Acquisitions Department, and has been instrumental in the success of the department.”

Supervisor of the Year

Supervisor Of The Year

We present the 2019 Supervisor of the Year award to Brian Holifield!

“Always using what he has available, which is usually limited, he problem-solves and delegates in a quick, intelligent, and professional manner resolving almost any issue in a timely fashion. Brian affords a level of respect and support that is not common in a beginner-level on-campus job. For that, swarms of student employees are eternally grateful.”

Read the full essays of both our winners:

Congrats to all nominated student employees and supervisors