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2021-22 EDGE Kickoff

​ Hello EDGE Student! We are excited to welcome you to the 2023-23​ EDGE cohort! On this page, you will be able to learn more about each of the EDGE teams in this year's program and then complete the survey to share your top 4 preferences. Please begin by watching the EDGE Introduction Video below. Then, review the team videos and descriptions and complete the survey no later than Friday, September 3 at 5pm CDT.

Email if you have any questions. We look forward to working with you this year!

Welcome to EDGE

2021-22 EDGE Teams

Review the team videos and descriptions below to familiarize yourself with all of the EDGE team offerings. You can also view the entire playlist on our YouTube. To view full team descriptions and learn about the skills you'd develop while working with each team, please download the 2021-22 EDGE Team Descriptions PDF.

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation (the Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center) provides students with opportunities to participate in a variety of fitness and recreation activities. The Ray EDGE teams will gain skills in marketing and promotion, participate in event planning and management, increase knowledge about the specific benefits of exercise, and serve as department ambassadors to increase student participation in The Ray. All EDGE student activities will be supported by and completed under the close supervision of the Team Leaders and Peer Mentors.

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Career Center

The Career Center is the centralized resource for students and alumni to develop professional skills through internships, student employment, networking, and career and financial planning. The Career Center EDGE Team will get an understanding of how Career Center services and initiatives can benefit 1st year students. In addition, students will participate in job fairs and networking events, while also completing projects and planning events within select teams in the Career Center department. All EDGE student activities will be supported by and completed under the close supervision of the Team Leader and Peer Mentor.

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Center for Sales Leadership

Center for Sales Leadership (CSL) is a program housed within the business school’s marketing department. We help students Learn. Connect. Grow with classes, community, and finding the internship that leads to full-time jobs. The CSL EDGE team will work on effective business communications in the program that brought it to DePaul. The EDGE team will work on their networking skills both in person and online, while learning how to build and maintain those relationships. The EDGE team will present on topics throughout the year.

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Center for Teaching & Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) promotes excellence in instruction across the university to enhance students’ learning and success. Each and every one of our DePaul students bring with them valuable strengths and experiences. On our team we embrace these as we work together to identify the current needs of DePaul students and advocate for them by producing relevant academic, professional, and holistic resources that will help all our students succeed at DePaul. Two of our projects this year are continuing to evolve and create diverse content for the DePaul Student Success Website as well as launching the first-ever Student Success social media page.

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DePaul Athletics

The DePaul Athletics department is home to more than 300 student-athletes, coaches and staff who represent DePaul on the field of competition in the BIG EAST Conference and in NCAA Division I athletics. DePaul sponsors 15 intercollegiate teams including basketball, cross country, golf, softball, soccer, tennis, track and field and volleyball. Our teams train year round and compete at the highest level both academically and athletically; in all 50 states and worldwide. Our men’s basketball teams have all their games broadcast nationally on the Fox family of networks and also on CBS and CBS Sports Network. Our other teams have broadcast opportunities on those same networks and stream exclusively on FloSports. The Athletics EDGE Team will complete several projects including being Gameday Secret Shoppers, develop and execute a comprehensive single-game marketing plan for DePaul students to attend a basketball game at Wintrust Arena and plan a special event from ideation to execution.

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Division of Mission & Ministry

If you are interested in learning more about world religions, engaging in service, or getting involved in a faith community at DePaul, the Division of Mission and Ministry (DMM) EDGE team is a great place to start. DMM provides information, programs, and advocacy around DePaul’s mission that uplifts and supports service and diverse religious and ministry groups on campus. There are three offices where you might work: Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM), Vincentian Service and Formation (CCM), and Religious Diversity (RD). Within RD, students can choose to work with any number of religious communities such as the Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Non-demon Christian, Protestant, Orthodox communities, to name a few. DMM EDGE students choose to work in a particular area and then consult with staff to determine a project that best utilizes students’ talents and interests. For example, in CCM a student might be assigned to assist with planning the weekly mass. In VCM a student might be assigned to do weekly service in any number of sites throughout the city. In RD, a student may be assigned to work with Jewish Life or Muslim Life groups on weekly program development or hospitality. The DMM EDGE team consists of students with an openness to interfaith learning, living the Vincentian mission of service and personalism, and team collaboration and cooperation.

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Global DePaul

Global DePaul EDGE team members will become active members of the Global DePaul community as they welcome and support international students from all over the world and plan their own international adventures. Global DePaul EDGE team members will learn and practice intercultural communication, event planning, and job readiness skills. They will learn about themselves and the world; they will have fun, take risks and reflect as they eat meals with international students; build intentional intercultural friendships; discover study abroad opportunities; learn and practice intercultural conversation and facilitation skills. All Global DePaul EDGE student activities will be supported by and completed under the close supervision of the Team Leader.

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Housing & Student Centers - Marketing

The Department of Housing, Dining & Student Centers manages the living experience for on-campus residents. This includes maintaining residence halls and assigning students to live in those spaces, plus managing meal plans. The Housing Marketing EDGE team will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of projects focused around the residential experience, including those aimed at building university affinity and assessing the current on-campus climate. EDGE team members will create a variety of small-group collaborative projects that will factor into the department’s marketing strategy.

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Housing & Student Centers - Green Team

The Green Team promotes sustainability awareness in the residence halls through information campaigns, tabling events, and programming initiatives. The Green Team will develop our team members through workshops, projects, and programming initiatives. Our students will gain hands-on experience planning and implementing small scale programs and large scale event. They will also educate students through role modeling and information campaigns in the residence halls.

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Idea Realization Labs

The Idea Realizations Labs are DePaul’s student-run makerspaces. Our mission is to facilitate learning through making and tinkering by facilitating access to a wide range of fabrication tools, machines, materials, and knowledge for the entire DePaul community. The IRL EDGE teams will work on fabrication projects to improve the lab environment, create small projects to explore their own interests and capacities, and will research and take part in promotional efforts to help drive use of the lab.

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Kellstadt Marketing Center

The Kellstadt Marketing Center helps marketing students enhance their college experience by implementing career readiness programs and connecting students with business professionals. The department organizes and promotes new opportunities and events to marketing students within its concentrations in sales, digital marketing and honors programs. The Kellstadt Marketing EDGE team will work with the department to develop potential marketing events and social media campaigns to better engage with students. EDGE students will gain experience in project management and have the opportunity to work closely with faculty, alumni and students. EDGE team members will learn hard and soft skills to include on their resume.

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Office of Advancement

Play Advancement Video

The Office of Advancement is instrumental to DePaul’s success. It consists of many individual departments that collaborate to meet the fundraising and engagement goals for DePaul University by strengthening the relationships the university has with alumni and community partners. EDGE students that participate in our office will have an opportunity to use their unique experiences to interface our Campaign team. EDGE students will gain basic orientations to the world of Advancement, explore careers in fundraising, assist in micro-targeted fundraising initiatives, and assist with alumni and student-facing donor stewardship. Students interested in marketing, creative writing, video editing, and communications will be at home in the Office of Advancement.

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Office of Multicultural Student Success (OMSS)

The Office of Multicultural Student Success (OMSS) seeks to cultivate belongingness, retention, and persistence to graduation for students of color, students who demonstrate financial need, first-generation college students, undocumented immigrant students, and students with marginalized genders and sexualities. The OMSS EDGE team will work with OMSS staff to identify ways for the team to serve as ambassadors of the department to help bring awareness to the programs, resources, events, and opportunities available to students. In addition to supporting the office on that front, students will also engage in several activities related to preparing for post college success including career discernment, professional development, and soft skill building.

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Office of Student Involvement - Connect

The Connect EDGE Team will focus on building engagement throughout DePaul, targeting students with zero attendance at events, clubs, etc. EDGE students will learn about student involvement, small-scale event planning, and how to connect while building community.

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Office of Student Involvement - Programming

The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) fosters learning and success by providing opportunities for engagement through a wide variety of campus activities and organizations, holistic and intentional advising of student leaders, and the development of purposeful and mutually beneficial partnerships across the university and the City of Chicago to maximize access to resources for a rich DePaul campus experience. The OSI Edge team will work with both the Blue Thursday weekly programming and Affinity Building programming. EDGE students will create a weekly programming model for Blue Thursday programming. Also, EDGE team members will work closely with OSI staff to assist with Affinity building programming throughout the office. EDGE team members will learn a variety of soft and personal skills.

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Office of Student Involvement - Voter Engagement

The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) fosters learning and success by providing opportunities for engagement through a wide variety of campus activities and organizations, holistic and intentional advising of student leaders, and the development of purposeful and mutually beneficial partnerships across the university and the City of Chicago to maximize access to resources for a rich DePaul campus experience. The OSI Voter Engagement Team will work to increase knowledge and promotion surrounding voter engagement at local, state, and national levels within the student body. EDGE students will create content and activities to be shared on OSI’s social media, DeHub, and campus. Also, EDGE team members will work closely with OSI staff, marketing student employees, and campus partners to ensure that their content activities are shared through the necessary channels at the university. The work completed by this team is a part of a campus wide initiative to increase voter engagement at DePaul University.

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The Theatre School

The Theatre School (TTS) trains students to the highest level of professional skill and artistry in an inclusive and diverse conservatory setting. We offer degree programs in three key areas: performance, design/tech, and theatre studies. We produce a season of productions in the Watts Theatre and in the Healy Theatre in Lincoln Park, and a season of theatre for families and young audiences at the Merle Reskin Theatre in the South Loop as a part of our training. We embrace a “learning by doing” philosophy. We welcome over 20,000 patrons to our theatres each season. The TTS EDGE team will work with the marketing, group sales, and audience services departments to create a variety of small-group collaborative projects in the areas of marketing and research. Projects will involve marketing productions to students, faculty, and staff on campus, and increasing awareness of the activities of TTS.

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Undergraduate Admissions

The Admission EDGE team will assist the admission office during the admission recruitment cycle to recruit the next freshman class. EDGE students will communicate with prospective students and their families via email, notecards, and at admission events. They will also collaborate with different project areas in the admission office. EDGE team members will develop written and communication skills while also gaining knowledge of the admission process as well as knowledge of their institution.

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Undergraduate Recruitment and Marketing Communication

The Undergraduate Recruitment Marketing and Communication (URMC) office works on building strategic outreach to new incoming undergraduate students. The URMC EDGE Team will work with the department to develop potential marketing and social media campaigns and do market research on the college search process. The URMC EDGE Team will examine how their prospective student experience shaped their college making decisions, have the opportunity to create a variety of individual and group marketing projects (including emails, text messages, print, and social media) to engage with prospective students, and be comfortable sharing their experiences with an audience.

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University Marketing Communications - Content Crew

University Marketing Communications ensures that the DePaul brand is consistently incorporated across university communication through advertising, digital marketing, social media, creative services, and web and email communication. University Marketing seeks to improve DePaul’s market position and prominence, which in turn helps achieve the university’s enrollment and tuition revenue objectives, through a wide variety of marketing and communication activities. The University Marketing Communications (MarCom) Content Crew will provide social media and content creation support to the Marketing Communications department. Assist with brainstorming, planning and executing content initiatives targeted at prospective undergraduate students. Research and provide feedback on social media trends.

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Complete the Survey

After you watch the videos and read the full team descriptions, fill out the survey with your top 4 team preferences. Responses are due Friday, September 3 at 5pm CDT.