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Reporting to the Title IX Coordinator

If you would prefer not to notify the police, you are strongly encouraged to seek assistance from the Title IX Coordinator who can provide you with information on your options, rights and remedies, and/or a confidential advisor (survivor support advocate) or counselor.

Contact the Title IX Coordinator by phone (312) 362-8970 or email titleixcoordinator@depaul.edu.

The Title IX Coordinator can provide you with written and verbal information regarding applicable university complaint procedures for investigating and addressing the incident.

The Title IX Coordinator is available to assist you in notifying the police, if you wish.

The Title IX Coordinator will also discuss with you any reasonable interim remedies the university may offer prior to conclusion of an investigation or potential disciplinary action to reduce or eliminate negative impact on you and provide you with available assistance. Examples include: adjustment to work assignments, course schedules or supervisory reporting relationship; requiring the accused to move from university-owned or affiliated housing; immediately prohibiting the accused from coming to the university; or prohibiting the accused from contacting the parties involved in the reported incident. These options may be available to you whether or not you choose to report the sexual violence to Public Safety or law enforcement. The Title IX Coordinator remains available to assist you and provide you with reasonable remedies requested by you throughout the reporting, investigative, and disciplinary processes, and thereafter. ​