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Confidential Reporting Resources

You may choose to seek advice and assistance from physicians, psychotherapists, professional counselors, clergy, sexual assault and domestic violence counselors and advocates, including individuals who work or volunteer for them.

Office of Health Promotion and Wellness
Survivor Support Advocates (Confidential Advisors)
Survivor Support Advocates are available to provide support to individuals, including those who may be accused of sexual and relationship violence. This support may include informing individuals of their options and available resources and, if requested by the individual, assisting the individual with navigating DePaul or external processes.

University Counseling and Psychological Services
773-325-CARE (2273)
Professional counselors and psychiatrists are available to students for confidential reporting as defined by the counselor or psychiatrist's professional confidentiality obligations.

Mission and Ministry
Ordained individuals or otherwise recognized religious leaders engaging in pastoral care are available for confidential reporting as defined by the religious leader's professional confidentiality obligations.

Misconduct Reporting Hotline

The misconduct reporting hotline is available for anonymous, electronic reporting. Please see the Misconduct Reporting Policy for more information http://policies.depaul.edu/policy/policy.aspx?pid=232