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Reporting to Public Safety

Public Safety is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and should be used for emergency response, crime reporting, and crime victim assistance. Public Safety​ can escort you to a safe place and transport you to a hospital or a sexual assault response center for a medical examination, if needed. It is very important that you get confidential medical attention after being assaulted.

Public Safety can also provide access to a confidential advisor.

Public Safety
Lincoln Park: 773-325-7777
Loop: 312-362-8400

You have the right to determine the information you would like to share. Public Safety permits the option of a Jane/John Doe report to Public Safety. Public Safety, will, however, report the facts of the incident itself to the Title IX Coordinator being sure not to reveal to the Title IX Coordinator your name/identity.

The university is required by the federal Clery Act to report certain types of crimes (including certain sex offenses) in statistical reports. However, while the university will report the type of incident in the annual crime statistics report known as the Annual Security Report, your name/identity will not be revealed.​