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Health Insurance

Healthcare Marketplace

While we do not provide a student health insurance plan, we encourage students to explore their options in the Healthcare Marketplace and work with local community organizations to provide support. This website provides information on a variety of Affordable Care Act compliant health insurance plans, as well as enrollment for Medicaid, if you qualify. Open enrollment for plans under the Affordable Care Act begins November 1st, but you may qualify to enroll now under the “Special Enrollment” provision.

Can you remain on your parent's insurance once you turn 26?

​​​​No. Several months before you turn 26 years old, start shopping for health insurance. At age 26, you are responsible for signing up for your own coverage. Contact a licensed In Person Couns​​​​elor to explore your health insurance options. Outside the Open Enrollment Period, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period.​

What qualifies for a Special Enrollment Period under the Affordable Care Act?

Life events that may qualify you for a Special Enrollment period include:
  1. ​Getting married
  2. Having a child
  3. Adopting a child or placing a child for adopt​​ion or foster care
  4. Losing health coverage
  5. Moving to a new residence
  6. Gaining citizenship or lawful presence in the United States
  7. Leaving incarceration (i.e. jail or pris​​on)
  8. Having a change in income
You have 60 days from the life changing event to enroll.​​

How do you get enrolled in a plan?

​​​​​Contact a licensed In Person Counselor for assistance in exploring your health insurance options. Visit getcoveredillinois.gov​​​ to locate In Person Counselors in your area. ​​You can enroll online at Healthcare.gov and In Person Counselors can assist you in navigating the enrollment process.

How much does it cost?

​​​The cost of your health insurance depends on your income and household size. Some individuals may qualify for Medicaid and others for private health care plans in the Marketplace that differ according to the percentage of coverage of a person’s care. Your monthly premium is determined by your selection of a health care plan. There is no monthly premium if you qualify for Medicaid. There is no cost to enroll ​​in either Medicaid or Marketplace.

When is the enrollment period?

​​​Open​​ enrollment begins November 1st.  Those who may qualify for Medicaid are able to enroll at any time throughout the year.

Can out-of-state students enroll in the Marketplace?

​​​​​Yes. The Marketplace is the federal government health insurance exchange to which any person may apply​. The initial screening prompts you to identify the state in which you are seeking coverage. The application requests both a permanent address (of the state of which you are a resident) and a mailing address. 

Are there any diagnoses that might be problematic when enrolling through the Marketplace?

Un​​der the Affordable Care Act, no insurer (group or individual plan) can reject or exclude a person for any pre-existing medical condition.

What if you are an international student?

The U.S. does not have a national health care system like many other countries. If a person does not have health insurance and needs medical assistance, s/he is responsible for paying all medical fees. The cost of medical care is very expensive and the fastest rising expense in the U.S. today.  Visit the Office of International Student and Scholar Servicces for more information on health insurance options for international students.

Advocate Health Care
Advocate Health Care's Transition Support Program helps students and community members navigate the health care system, including health insurance enrollment and getting access to hundreds of doctors and clinics in Chicagoland.
In order to qualify for this service, you must reside in the Chicagoland area or be a student in a university in Chicagoland and/or be experiencing hardship with health needs.
Get connected by:
  • Calling Advocate Health Care directly at 773-296-5523 | Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00AM - 4:00PM
  • Make an appointment with HPW to assist with a direct referral by emailing hpw@depaul.edu. 
Health Insurance for International Students

DePaul University is now offering a new, comprehensive and affordable health insurance plan for international students.  This health plan is offered through ISO Student Health Insurance. For more information on this plan visit: International Programs