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During the temporary closure of our physical offices due to Covid-19, Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs is accessible for live questions, referrals, and assistance via a virtual office using Zoom. The virtual office will be staffed Monday-Friday from 9AM to 5PM.  For military connected student questions, please visit our Veteran Virtual Office.  

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Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs works with these populations around their specialized needs to assist in their transition to college and support them in their academic goals, success, and retention. Visit Adult ServicesVeteran Services and Commuter Services to explore our programs and activities separated by each population. 

Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs operates the Student Resource Center.  This Loop space on the 11th Floor of DePaul Center (1 East Jackson Blvd.) serves as a one-stop resource referral and service desk for students to navigate Student Affairs offices and other university services.  The Student Resource Center also facilitates movie ticket discounts, promo table requests, poster approvals, and more.  The desk is open 9a.m. to 5p.m. in the Summer and breaks. It is open 9a.m. to 7p.m. in Autumn, Winter, and Spring Quarters.

Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs assists these populations in their transition to college and supports them in achieving their educational goals. The office collaborates with key university and external partners​ to provide services, resources and programs that address the specific needs of this student population. The office also works to create an environment that encourages and nurtures​ student engagement in campus life.​

Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs​ is committed to serving the specialized needs of our students. We define "adult students" as undergraduate students who are 24 years of age or older, as well as all veteran, graduate and professional students.  

​While our primary focus is to advocate on behalf of adult, veteran or commuter students, we also provide opportunities for meaningful participation in the university community. Our programs and services for these ​stud​ents include community building events, academic support, social networking and a strong network of partners for service referrals.

From welcoming new students to congratulating new graduates, Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs​ celebrates our students and provides opportunities for meaningful connections for our entire population and various sub-groups, like graduate students ​or students with children. Events and programs are offered regularly to enhance networking opportunities and build a strong student community at DePaul.​

Students can find other academic support and resources through our workshops, resource referrals, financial assistance and other academic programs.

AVCSA regularly hosts consultations and workshops on goal setting, time management, Stregnths and more.  You can always reach out if you need assistance. 

Learn about scholarships, participate in skill-building workshops or connect with learning resources through Adult Student s​ervices.

A network of resources is available for students with questions or needs related to their academic success. Visit the Adult Student Center’s resource library, participate in our annual resource fair or visit with a staff member to connect with other university offices, services and resources.

Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs executes a number of intentional programs and services to positively impact retention and success of these populations and all students.  This includes proactive communication of tips and resources, mid-term check-ins for Veterans, Success Maps, special stop-out returning student scholarships and more.  

Programs & Services


Student Resource Center
Loop, DePaul Center
1 E. Jackson Blvd.
11th Floor, Main Desk
p: 312.362.5411

Adult Student Center
Loop, DePaul Center
1 E. Jackson Blvd.
11th Floor, Room 11017
p: 312.362.6216
e: adultstudents@depaul.edu
DeHUB - Adult Students 

Veterans Affairs
Loop, DePaul Center
1 E. Jackson Blvd.
11th Floor, Room 11007
p: 312.362.5656
e: veteransaffairs@depaul.edu

DeHub -​ Veteran and Military-Connected Student Events 

Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs
Lincoln Park Student Center
2250 N. Sheffield Ave., Ste. 307
Off Campus and Commuter Student Affairs
p: 312.362.5494
e: commuter@depaul.edu

DeHub ​- Commuter Students 


Megan Giedraitis, MS
Megan Giedraitis, MS
  • Assistant Director, Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs
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Larry Melton
Larry Melton
  • Veteran Education Benefits Coordinator
  • View Bio
James Stewart​, MEd
James Stewart​, MEd
  • Director, Adult, Veteran and Commuter Student Affairs
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