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Voicemail Phishing - 07/28/21


Screenshot of malicious email:

An image of a malicious email. The email attempts to trick victims into clicking on a malicious fake voicemail attachment.

On July 28th, 2021, there was another round of the common voicemail scams that have previously targeted DePaul University.

The malicious email purports to be a voicemail message from DePaul University, does not contain an email body, but does include a malicious attachment.

Some indicators that this email is malicious:
- The email comes from external ([EXT] tag), but legitimate voicemails will come from within DePaul's systems
- No body message or context
- Malicious .htm attachment
- The From Field, which can be further spoofed, shows both a non-DePaul email address and an attempted spoofing of DePaul​​​