​Building Description

This four-story structure was completely renovated; the top three floors were converted into residence hall rooms with high ceilings, and the first floor was converted into DePaul's campus bookstore. Seton Hall's residents are comfortably housed in air-conditioned double, triple and quad occupancy rooms, most of which have walk-in closets. The bathrooms on each floor offer a level of privacy uncommon for community bathrooms, with separate entrances for sinks, toilets and showers, each provided with individual stalls. Each floor has a full kitchen, lounge, laundry room and study rooms. Technology lounges are on the third and fourth floors.​

  • Full kitchens, lounges, laundry rooms and study rooms on each floor.
  • All beds come with 60” tall adjustable bed ends that allow beds to be set anywhere between standard height up to loft height. Rental lofts are not available or needed in this building.

360 Virtual Tours

Want to get a better idea of what a unit in Seton Hall looks like? View the 360 tours below for a look inside different units in this building. Note, that some of these 360 tours are of lived-in units, in order to give a more realistic view of an occupied unit.​

​Virtual Tour
Unoccupied regular-double unit ​Occupancy of two residents
Lived-in regular-triple unit ​Occupancy of three residents
Lived-in regular-quad unit ​Occupancy of four residents
Unoccupied regular-quad unit ​Occupancy of four residents
Lobby ​Community area
Kitchen and lounge Community area​

Seton Hall also has converted housing. 360 tours of converted housing units are not yet available for Seton Hall, but click here to view a 360 tour of a lived-in converted housing unit in Clifton-Fullerton Hall, with an occupancy of three residents. Click here to view an unoccupied converted housing unit in Clifton-Fullerton Hall, with an occupancy of three residents. If you have questions about converted housing, read our Converted Housing Brochure​​, see our FAQs​ or call our main office at (773) 325-7196.​​​​​​​​​​​​​