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Why Study Abroad

Why should you study abroad?

For your academics:

  • Fulfill degree requirements for your major, minor, LSP domains, or electives.
  • Go to the source—study ancient Greek culture in Greece, Spanish language in Latin America or EU politics in Europe.
  • Travel and study with the experts—DePaul professors.
  • Examine your academic interests from an international perspective.
  • Attend a prestigious university abroad.

For your career:

  • Did you know students who study abroad tend to get jobs sooner and with higher salaries than those who don’t?
  • Build job skills like intercultural communication, adaptability, independence and critical thinking.
  • Increase foreign language proficiency.

For you, personally:

  • Become a global citizen.
    Queenstown, New Zealand.
  • Build confidence, independence.
  • Have an adventure.
  • Connect to your heritage.
  • Learn about yourself.
  • Travel.