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Lead a Global Learning Experience (GLE)

A GLE (also known as virtual exchange, VE, or collaborative online international learning, COIL) is a technology-enabled learning experience that is embedded within an existing course and has clear learning outcomes and deliverables, in which sustained communication and interaction takes place between DePaul students and students from an international partner institution. DePaul offers carefully planned faculty development opportunities and specialized support to aid the design, development and growth of virtual exchange pedagogies. To learn more about how you can lead a Global Learning Experience as a DePaul faculty member, visit the GLE program page on the Teaching Commons website
For any additional questions about GLE, email Rosi Leon, director of Virtual Exchange and Online Learning.

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Examples of virtual exchange projects can be found on our GLE Projects page.

In the news: A GLE course can now also satisfy one of the requirements for completion of the Global Fluency Certificate (for undergraduate students). Learn more here​​.​

Who can do a GLE?

Any DePaul faculty member can implement a Global Learning Ex​perience in a DePaul class, in collaboration with an international partner​.​

Does a GLE need to involve the entire class for the entire quarter?

Involving all students in your class is crucial to allow maximum student exposure to transformative international opportunities such as GLE, as well as for other logistical reasons pertinent to DePaul. As far as lenght of the project, GLEs can vary from one simple shared assignment all the way to an entire co-taught course, but based on DePaul quarter (10-week) system, we strongly encourage projects to be at least 5 weeks long.

Is there formal training offered for GLE?

Yes. There are two training cycles offered throughout the year, one in fall/winter and one in winter/​spring. Exact deadlines and dates are found at​.

Do I need to have an international partner established before attending a GLE training?

No, but it is highly beneficial to do so. Your international partner can even be embeded in the training so you can participate together.  As far as finding an international partner, leveraging your existing personal or professional international contacts will maximize the success of your GLE. However, the office of Global Engagement can assist you in finding a partner if you do not currently have one. You will definitely need to have a partner identified before submitting a formal GLE proposal.​​

Is there funding for travel to prepare for a GLE?

Yes. After attending  the formal faculty development workshop, you can submit a formal proposal for a GLE. There are special funds available for proposals that are approved by the Comprehensive Internationalization Committee. More information on proposal preparation, submission and funding amount can be found in the Teaching Commons​​.

Is there further faculty support after a GLE project's first implementation?

Yes. There are various ways in which DePaul supports faculty members after their first project implementation:
  • GLE Handout

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