Global Learning Experience (GLE) Projects

Coventry Cathedral by Nigel Swales

Photo Credit: Nigel Swales

Race, Gender, Class and Nation

Partner Institution: Coventry University (England)
Discipline: Media and Cinema Studies

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Navajo nation mountain

Photo Credit: Mobilus in Mobili

Environmental Diplomacy Issues in Nuclear Waste Disposal

Partner Institution: Navajo Technical University and Institut National Universitaire Champollion (Navajo Nation and France)
Discipline: Public Policy Studies

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Paris cityscape

Photo Credit: Michel Craig

Sustainability and Climate Resilience

Partner Institution: Université Paris-Saclay and Universidade De Caxias Do Sul (France and Brazil)
Discipline: Management

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Via Po in Torino Italy

Photo Credit: Heinz Bunse

Exploring the Concept of National Parks

Partner Institution: Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
Discipline: Public Policy Studies

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ruins in Athens, Greece

Photo Credit: Maggie Meng

Global Sustainable Urban Land Redevelopment

Partner Institution: Metropolitan College of Athens and Politecnico di Torino (Greece and Italy)
Discipline: Public Policy Studies

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Sao Paulo Skyline

Photo Credit: Roger W

Environmental Nanotechnology

Partner Institution: São Paulo State University (Brazil)
Discipline: Chemistry and Biochemistry

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