Global Learning Experience (GLE) Projects

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GLE Picture for Science Fiction

Science Fiction – A Global Genre

Partner Institution: Sao Paulo State University (UNESP) (Brazil)
Discipline: Literature

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GLE Photo for international writing and culture collaboration

International Writing & Culture Collaboration

Partner Institution: Unichristus University (Brazil)
Discipline: Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse

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Dubai Gle Project picture

Global Event Tourism

Partner Institution: The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (UAE)
Discipline: Hospitality

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Picture for GLE project, from city to neighborhood branding

From City to Neighborhood Branding

Partner Institution: University Applied Sciences Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Discipline: Public Relations and Advertising

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GLE Photo for Cinema Beyond Borders

Cinema Beyond Borders

Partner Institution: Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)
Discipline: Media and Cinema Studies

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GLE Photo For Energy Policy and Politcs

Energy Policy and Politics

Partner Institution: University of the Aegean (Greece)
Discipline: Environmental Policy

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