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Faculty Involvement

DePaul emphasizes social responsibility and service to the community and seeks to structure meaningful international experiences for our students and the communities with which they come in contact. Global Engagement welcomes faculty participation in a variety of ways - you can read more below about some of the opportunities for faculty to engage at the university, local and global level.

Internationalization Efforts at DePaul

DePaul faculty and staff serve a unique role by participating in the internationalization process of the university and advising the provost on international engagement matters. Faculty and staff currently serve on the following committees at DePaul:

Comprehensive Internationalization Committee

T​he Comprehensive Internationalization Committee (CIC) is the university committee that coordinates with faculty various aspects of the internationalization process of the university. Co-chaired by the Associate Provost for Global Engagement and Online Learning and a faculty member, CIC is expected to:

  • evaluate continuously whether matters in front of the committee need to be shepherded through existing processes involving CCP, CAP and/or the entire Faculty Council;
  • coordinate, in conjunction with the ongoing revision of the university's learning goals, and the ongoing program review process in the Liberal Studies Program, a process of periodic inventory and sustained active expansion of the internationalization of the curriculum at DePaul;
  • review and approve the study abroad component of First Year Abroad experiences;
  • advise the Associate Provost and the Provost on the prioritization of the implementation of proposed and approved short-term study abroad experiences in case of capacity issues;
  • advise the Associate Provost and the Provost on academic suitability of candidate international partners;
  • coordinate a regular exchange of information on international initiatives in the various colleges, explicitly aimed at:
    • creating synergies and collaborations
    • avoiding duplications of efforts
    • leveraging best practices
    • ensuring adherence to set guidelines
  • ensure information on existing partnerships with international strategic partners is properly disseminated to the units.


Faculty Name Department College Term Note
Bedi, Monu Law 2018
Elias, Cathy Music 2018
Farkas, Richard Political Science LAS 2018
Gamino, Christina SOAMIS Business 2018
Graupmann, Verena Psychology CSH 2018
Jin, Li
Modern Languages
Makagon, Daniel

Markley, Melissa Marketing
Mondschean, Thomas Economics Business 2020
Murillo, Carlos (on leave for Fall 2017 - Phillip Timberlake replaces him) Theatre 2018
Ockerman, Melissa Counseling and Special Education Education 2018 Co-Chair
​Steel, Rob ​SCA CDM​ 2018​
Woesthoff, Julia History LAS 2020
Tolliver Atta, ​Derise (on leave for a.y. 2017-18 Caroline  Kisiel replaces  her​​) SNL 2020
Besana, GianMario Associate Provost Open Co-Chair, Ex Officio
Costello, Kari​ Assistant Vice President for Global Engagement Open Ex Officio
Shanahan, John Director, Liberal Studies Program Open Ex Officio

College International Committees

All colleges and schools at DePaul are invited to create internal committee structures to support the internationalization process at the local level. Among other responsibilities the local structures also create and manage the approval process for short-term study abroad programs originating within each unit.

If you have any ideas about advancing internationalization within your college, we recommend reaching out to your College's International Committee.

Driehaus College of Business Internationa​l Committee

Committee Member Department Email Address
John Ahern, ex officio
Director of Driehaus Center for International Business
Thomas Edwalds Finance, Executive Director of Arditti Center for Risk Management
Grace Lemmon Management
Hui Lin Accountancy & MIS
Melissa Markley, Chair Marketing
Thomas Mondschean Economics
Nicholas Thomas Hospitality Leadership

College of Communication International Committee

Committee Member Department Email Address
Luisela Alvaray, Co-chair Communication
Shu-Chuan Kelly Chu Communication
Sydney Dillard Communication
Rajul Jain Communication
Daniel Makagon, Co-chair Communication
Michaela Winchatz Communication

College of Computing and Digital Media International Committee

Committee Member Department Email Address
Olayele Adelakun, Chair CDM
Shiro Akiyoshi CDM
James Choi​ ​CDM ​
Xiaoping Jia CDM
Nathan Matteson​ ​CDM​
Sharief Oteafy CDM
Rob Steel CDM
Noriko Tomuro CDM
James Vu CDM

College of Education International Commimttee

Committee Member Department Email Address
Philip Gnilka Counseling and Special Education
Gayle Mindes Early Childhood Education
Karen Monkman Education Policy Studies and Research
Melissa Ockerman, Chair Counseling and Special Education
Sung Park-Johnson Bilingual-Bicultural Education

College of Law International Committee

Committee Member Department Email Address
Monu Bedi Law
Sumi Cho Law
Alberto Coll Law
Patty Gerstenblith, Chair Law
Brian Havel Law
Barry Kellman Law
Allison Tirres, ex-officio Law

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences International Committee

Committee Member Department Email Address
Yuki Miyamoto Religious Studies
Michele Morano English
Sanjukta Mukherjee Women's & Gender Studies
Clara Orban Modern Languages
Warren Schultz, Co-facilitator LAS Associate Dean
Shailja Sharma, Co-facilitator LAS Assocaite Dean

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Study Abroad Committee

Committee Member Department Email Address
Julia Woesthoff, Chair History
​Emanuele Colombo Catholic Studies​​
Delia Cosentino History of Art & Architecture
Li Jin Modern Languages
Susana Martinez Modern Languages
Raphael Ogom School of Public Service
​Christina Rivers Political Science​​​
Neil Vincent Master of Social Work
David Wellman Religious Studies
Director of Study Abroad (ex officio) Global Engagement - Study Abroad
Howard Rosing (ex officio) Steans Center
Warren Schultz (ex officio) History & LAS Associate Dean

College of Science and Health International Committee

Committee Member Department Email Address
Bernhard Beck-Winchatz STEM
Lihua Jin
Yan Li, Chair Psychology​
Cecilia Martinez-Torteya Psychology
Antonio Polo Psychology

The Music School International Committee

Committee Member Department Email Address
Katherin (Kate) Brucher Music
Cathy Elias, Chair Music
Ilya Kaler Music
Seung-Won Oh Music
Rami Solomonow Music
George Vatchnadze Music

School For New Learning International Committee

Committee Member Department Email Address
Derise Tolliver Atta, Chair SNL
Steffanie Triller Fry SNL
Caroline Kisiel​ ​SNL​
Gabriele Strohschen SNL
Gretchen Wilbur SNL
Director of Study Abroad, ex officio Global Engagement - Study Abroad

Faculty ​Ambassador Program

DePaul's Faculty Ambassador Program supports the university's global engagement and international recruitment strategies by complementing existing international travel plans of selected faculty to host or attend international events on behalf of the university. To learn more, visit the Faculty Ambassador Program page.

Become a Host for MEAL with DePaul

MEAL with DePaul is a program that invites DePaul faculty and staff members to host international students in their homes for a meal during the quarter.  DePaul faculty and staff interested in hosting a MEAL with DePaul event may complete a host application.  Visit the MEAL with DePaul page for more information.  

Within the Local International Community

DePaul is proud of its prime location in the global city of Chicago. As reflected in the university’s Vision 2018 strategic plan, DePaul boasts its strategic goal to “leverage the global diversity of Chicago, infuse international and comparative perspectives throughout teaching, research and service missions of the university.” You can learn more about the local international community and our local partners at the Local Community Partners page.