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Global Learning Experience (GLE)

Global Learning Experience (GLE) is a collaborative online learning experience in which DePaul students can gain international experience from their classroom in Chicago by interacting with other students across the globe. In a GLE course, students engage in academic discussions, collaborative projects and joint lectures coordinated by a DePaul faculty member and one of our international partner universities.

More information on past and current GLE courses can be found here.

Find Your GLE C​ourse

Current DePaul students can sign up for GLE courses in Campus Connection.

​Upcoming Courses

Quarter DPU Course  DPU Course Title Partner's Institution Name Location (Country)
2018 Spring ANT290 Maya Humanities Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan Mexico
2018 Spring CMS334 Urban Communication Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Italy
2018 Spring IS379/579 Global Virtual Software Teams Multi-location Gernamy, Mexico, South Africa
2018 Spring ITA203 Advanced Communication III (Italian) Universtia Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Italy
2018 Spring PPS334 Sustainable Land Revitalization and Brownfield Redevelopment Policy Politecnico di Torino Italy
2018 Spring PSC353 Comparative Democracy & Dictatorship University of Dubrovnik Croatia
2018 Spring PSY330 Child Psychology Weifang Medical University China
2018 Spring MGT357 International Business University of Caxias do Sul Brazil
2018 Spring DC440 Advanced Editing Academy of Dramatic Arts Croatia
2018 Spring MPH553 Public Health and Forced Migration University of Uyo Nigeria