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Global Learning Experience (GLE)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Would you like to collaborate with students overseas on a collaborative project, without leaving your DePaul classroom or your home?

Are you interested in creating meaningful global connections and having potentially transformative intercultural experiences​, facilitated by your instructor and aided by technology?

Would you like to be one step closer to completing the Global Fluency Certificate?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​

​​Consider taking a DePaul course with a Global Learning Experience (GLE) component!

A Global Learning Experience (GLE), also known as virtual exchange (VE), is a technology-enabled learning experience that is embedded within an existing DePaul course and has clear outcomes and deliverables, in which sustained communication and interaction takes place between DePaul students and students from an international partner institution. In a GLE course, students engage in academic discussions, collaborative projects and joint lectures coordinated by the DePaul professor and their international partner.

What does a GLE project look like? See examples of DePaul GLE courses  here. You can browse by discipline, country or partner school.​

F​ind You​​​r GLE Course

Current DePaul students can find upcoming courses that have a GLE component in Campus Connection by following these steps:

  • Within Campus Connect, select the "Student Homepage," and click on the "Manage Classes" tile.
  • On the left grey Navigation bar, select "Class Search and Enroll," and select the desired Term.
  • Search by subject/LSP domain/instructor's last name/course number etc.  
  • Once the results of your search are populated, scroll down via the left navigation bar to "Class Attribute" and click on "Global Learning/Global Learning Experience" and you will see which course(s) has the attribute and add it to your course cart. You can then register for that class as you normally would. ​ ​​(Note: "Global Learning/Global Learning Experience" will not appear if this value has not been attributed to any classes under the specific search criteria).
DePaul students can register for the course as they normally would. There is no extra cost to participate in the GLE.

​Attend an Info Session (for DePaul students)

Interested to learn more about GLE? We invite you to attend one of the upcoming virtual information sessions. We hold one informational session per quarter on the schedule below. Please find the Zoom registration link in the table. ​If you have any questions, please email​.

​Info Session Date
​Registration Link​
​Wednesday, September 18, 2024
2-2:45pm CST, via Zoom
Re​gister here ​1 day in advance.
​Thursday, January 16, 2025
2-2:45pm CDT, via Zoom
Re​gister here 1 day in advance.
​Thursday, April 17, 2025​
​2-2:45pm CST, via Zoom
Re​gister here 1 day in advance​.

“The GLE is just a unique learning experience. It's rare you get situations where you [are] able to directly apply the course material and do so in a way that directly influences people in a normal class setting. This was really interesting, challenging in some ways, easier in others, I really enjoyed working with our international teams as well, so that was super fascinating and I think the project/problem was helpful.”


“I love meeting new people from different cultures and backgrounds. The GLE project put me in contact with two students from completely different countries and we all worked together towards the same goal. GLE allowed me to come in contact with people I would have otherwise never crossed paths with, in my life, and I believe that we have formed friendships outside of the project as well.”


“The entire experience itself is in line with my own personal career goals. What I am delighted about is the trials and errors about myself and the workflow/pipeline that I can carry into my own work as an editor and filmmaker. I wish more courses had experiences incorporated into the coursework like this GLE project because having this hands-on experience just gave me the opportunity to make important notes about myself and how work like this can be carried out.”


“I think learning the potential complications of communication, and learning how to solve problems with people in another country was extremely useful to learn. It gave insight to situations that could happen while working in the future on a project, and what steps need to be taken to avoid miscommunication and set yourself up for the smoothest long distance collaboration.”


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Upcoming GLE Courses*

*Please note that GLE course list is subject to change without prior notice.​​​​​​​​​​

​College​ DPU Course  DPU Course Title Professor's Name Partner's Institution Name Location (Country)
CDM POST 328/428 Scoring for Film and Video Steel, Robert Australian Catholic University Australia
CDM FILM 380/480 Project Bluelight Steel, Robert FATEC-Tatui Brazil
LAS JPN 301/401 Advanced Japanese IV (Culture) Chikamatsu-Chandler, Nobuko  Hosei University Japan 
LAS ENG 209/309 Writing the City Harvey, Miles University of Georgia Georgia
LAS ENG 390 Senior Seminar Capstone: Fact vs Fiction – Searching for Truth in Literature Morano, Michele American University of Beirut Lebanon
LAS LSP 200.118 Seminar on Race, Power, and Resistance Giampaoli, Michelangelo Centro Universitario Barao de Maua Brazil
LAS CHN 104 Intermediate Chinese I Guan, Sharon Tianjin Normal University


CSH SLP 465 Cultural Responsiveness in Bilingual Speech-Language Pathology Olivares, Elia Universidad Santiago de Cali Colombia
CMN PRAD 393 Special Topics in  Public Relations and Advertising Uysal, Nur Bilkent University Turkey
LAS PSC 343.101 (AAS-342-101) International Political Economy of the Pacific Rim  Ibata-Arens, Kathryn Symbiosis International University India
LAS LSP 200.707 Multicultural Seminar: Environmental Worldviews Tzoumis, Kelly UNESP, Metropolitan College, Navajo Technical University, Leiden University Brazil, Greece, Navajo Nation, The Netherlands


​​College DPU Course  DPU Course Title Professor's Name Partner's Institution Name Location (Country)
LAS  ITA 105.201 Intermediate Italian Fantuzzi, Anna Maria Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore-Brescia Italy
LAS  CHN 105.201 Intermediate Chinese II Guan, Sharon Tianjin Normal University China
​​College DPU Course  DPU Course Title Professor's Name Partner's Institution Name Location (Country)
BUS MKT 301 Principles of Marketing Xu, Jack Australian Catholic University Australia
LAS PSC 353 Comparing Democracy and Dictatorship Farkas, Dick Durban University of Technology;  University of Dubrovnik; Caucuses International University; Ukrainian Catholic University multi-country (South Africa; Croatia; Georgia; Ukraine)
LAS ITA 106 Intermediate Italian III Fantuzzi, Anna Maria Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore-Brescia Italy
LAS JPN 344 Advanced JPN VI (Translation) Chikamatsu-Chandler, Nobuko  Kansai University Japan

ACC 639

Audit Analytics Wang, David National Chung Cheng University  Taiwan


Child Psychology Li, Yan Weifang Medical University China

MGT 595.901/MPS 524.301 and MPS 604.302

Intro to non-profit mgt Dietlin, Lisa Nottingham Trent University England, UK