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Global Learning Experience (GLE)

Global Learning Experience (GLE) is a collaborative online learning experience in which DePaul students can gain international experience from their classroom in Chicago by interacting with other students across the globe. In a GLE course, students engage in academic discussions, collaborative projects and joint lectures coordinated by a DePaul faculty member and one of our international partner universities.

Find Your GLE Course

Current DePaul students can sign up for GLE courses in Campus Connection.

Upcoming GLE Courses

​Quarter DPU Course  DPU Course Title Partner's Institution Name ​Location (Country)
​2017 Winter ​ENG272 Literature and Identity​ ​Symbiosis International University ​India
2017 Winter​ ​LSP112 Focal Point Seminar: Women's Working Lives​ ​Symbiosis International University ​India
​2017 Winter ​UIP367 ​Global Perspectives ​Pangea Educational Development ​​Uganda​
2017 Spring​ ENG471​​ Book and Media History​ Fudan University China
2017 Spring​ ITA203​ Advanced Communication III (Italian)​ Uni​versita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore ​Italy
2017 Spring​ HSP203 ​​Hospitality Leadership and Self Developm​ent Shandong College of Tourism and Hospitality​ ​China
2017 Spring​ IS579​ Virtual Software Team Management​ multi-location​ Germany, Australia, South Africa​​

Past & Approved GLE Courses

GLE implemented DPU Course  DPU Course Title Partner's Institution Name ​​Location (Country)
2013 Spring ENG309 The Urban Essay Koc University Turkey
2014 F​a​ll ECE375 Early Childhood Assessment Universidad Panamericana Mexico
​2014 Fall TCH471 Teaching English in the High Schools Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco Mexico
2014 Fall MPS520 Values-Centered Leadership DePaul Institute of Science and Technology India
2015 Winter ENG484 Authors as Editors​ University of Birmingham United Kingdom
2015 Winter ​PSC353 ​Comparing Democracy & Dictatorship ​University of Dubrovnik ​Croatia​
2015 Spring INT334 Urban Communication Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Italy
2015 Spring MGT398 Entrepreneurship Strategy Pontifical University of Puerto Rico Architecture School Puerto Rico
2015 Fall ENG432 Restoration and 18th Century Drama Fudan University China
2015 Fall ECE375 Early Childhood  & Special Ed Assessment Universidad Panamericana Mexico
2015 Fall ANT102 Cultural Anthropology Symbiosis University India
2016 Winter PSC353 Comparing Democracy & Dictatorship University of Dubrovnik Croatia
2016 Winter UIP367 Global Perspectives Pangea Educational Development Uganda
2016 Winter NSG540 Culture, Ethics, and Policy Analysis Secondary Vocational School and Higher Vocational School Czech Republic
2016 Winter ENG484 Authors as Editors University of Birmingham United Kingdom
2016 Spring ​ENG309 The Urban Essay​ ​Koc University Turkey​
2016 Spring ​HLT315 ​Foundations of Maternal & Child Health University of Ghana​ ​Ghana
2016 Spring ​INT334 Urban Communication​ ​Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore ​Italy
2016 Spring DC315/415​ Topics in Post-Production Sound​ Abertay University​ Scotland​
2016 Spring ​ITA203 ​Advanced Communication III (Italian) ​Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Italy​
2016 Spring ​SPN126 Intermediate Service Learning Spanish​ Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco​ Mexico​
2016 Spring ​CSC301 Data Structures II in Java ​ Koc University​​ ​Turkey
​​2016 Fall AAS/PSC253​ Asian Politics​ Symbiosis University​ India​
2016 Fall​ ANT102​ Cultural Anthropology​ Symbiosis University​ India​
2016 Fall​ CMN315​ Health Communication​ Australian Catholic University​ Australia​
​2016 Fall ​CSS320 Community Food Systems​ Symbiosis University India​
​2016 Fall ​DC312 Scoring for Film and Video​ ​Abertay University Scotland​
​2016 Fall EE333​ Teaching and Learning Elementary Mathematics​ Dublin City University​ Ireland​
2016 Fall​ PSC353​ Comparative Democracy & Dictatorship​ University of Dubrovnik​ Croatia​
2016 Fall​ ​MPS501 Cross-sector Analysis​ Jindal Global University​ India​
​2016 Fall ​SPN124 Intermediate Spanisn I: Service Learning​ Universidad Juarez Autonoma de Tabasco​ Mexico​