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Global DePaul Promoters

​​​​Program Description

Global DePaul Promoters is a great way for alumni outside the US to stay connected to DePaul and share their love of DePaul and Chicago with potential students. In this program, international alumni tell their DePaul story through testimonials, video/photo sharing, and virtual presentations to schools or agencies. When in-person visits become predominantly safe, international alumni can assist by attending a college fair or a school visit with a DePaul representative in International Admission. ​​​


  • Inspire future DePaul students through international alumni sharing their experience at DePaul and in Chicago
  • Provide opportunities for international alumni to stay connected with DePaul University and Global Engagement initiatives


  • ​Must be a DePaul alum   ​​​

Ways to Partic​ipa​te

  • Provide a testimonial with photos or videos for social media and recruitment

  • Participate in virtual interactions, such as a presentation with an agent or at a school

  • Assist with a local student recruitment activity with a DePaul representative

  • Assist with a local student recruitment activity without a DePaul representative

​Please complete this form to receive more details on participation.​​ For more information, please email​​​