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Language and Pedagogy Institute

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Language and Pedagogy Institute at DePaul University is an intensive program with online and in-person modules—in which faculty members from all over the globe develop their English language and pedagogical skills. These courses are designed for international faculty members interested in teaching their disciplines in a second language and developing critical and reflective approaches to creating international curriculum.

What You'll Learn in the Course

English language skills: Faculty develop skills and meta-awareness of language use in preparation for teaching and conducting research in English as an international language.

Pedagogical skills: Faculty develop pedagogical skills, with an emphasis on international curriculum development, including identifying ways of engaging students and addressing their needs within an academically rigorous environment.

Global perspectives: Course readings and discussions raise questions about the value and benefits of globalization and the purpose of international education in a globalized world. Faculty leave the course with a more critical view of globalization and the role of intercultural understanding in curriculum development, as well as practical knowledge of how to develop international curriculum.

Faculty collaboration: Faculty articulate a vision for continued English language development, teaching in English, and continued teaching and research collaborations.

None of the modules are introductory English courses. Participants must have a medium-high command of English as a second language. Applicants should possess a background in writing, reading and speaking English, and must show long-term goals and commitment to the program.

​Program Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Teaching in English Pedagogy

The introductory course is a four-week online hybrid course for international instructors and faculty who have, at a minimum, intermediate English language and literacy skills and initial or no experience teaching using English as a medium of instruction (EMI). Includes weekly 90-minute synchronous sessions.  

DATES: February 26- March 22, 2024

COST: $200

DEADLINE TO APPLY: January 15, 2024


Module 2: Intermediate Teaching in English Pedagogy

The intermediate course is a four-week online hybrid course for international instructors and faculty who have, at a minimum, intermediate English language and literacy skills and have completed the introductory course OR have taught using English as a medium of instruction for at least one year. Includes weekly 2-hour synchronous sessions. 

DATES: April 22-May 17, 2024

COST: $200

DEADLINE TO APPLY: March 15, 2024


Module 3: Advanced Teaching in English Pedagogy 

The advanced course is a two-week onsite course consisting of six 4-hour face-to-face class sessions and selected cultural and academic excursions in Chicago. International instructors and faculty should have high intermediate to advanced English language and literacy skills and have participated in the intermediate course. All class sessions are face-to-face.​ Includes housing, meals, extracurricular activities and local transportation. 

DePaul University is located in Chicago, IL, USA, a fantastic global city that comes alive during the northern hemisphere summer with a myriad of opportunities to explore its beautiful architecture, parks, and beaches. This course consists of two weeks of on-campus intensive pedagogy instructions for international faculty interested improving their English-Medium Instruction. During this course international professors from around the world, who teach in a variety of disciplines, in an engaging and transformative experience. During their time in Chicago, participants take classes with a DePaul faculty member, develop curricular projects applicable to the implementation of English-Medium Instruction their discipline, are immersed in an English speaking environment, and explore Chicago’s many cultural attractions. At the end of the program, faculty participants receive a certificate. 

DATES: July 16-30, 2024 (Program starts July 17 and ends July 29. July 16 and 30 are travel dates)

COST: $4,000​

DEADLINE TO APPLY: April 1, 2024


In-person program fee includes: ​

student and teachers

  • On-campus sessions
  • 2 weeks of housing in university residence hall
  • 3 meals per day
  • Bus/train pass
  • Cultural immersion activities

For current pricing and exact program dates, please see the contact information below.

What former participants say:

“My goals for teaching in English have increased. Before I only gave my students some articles in English... From now on I will implement the use of English in different ways. I would like my students to be comfortable with the use of English while learning science.” ​​

“It was a great course. I really lived like a student, practiced English, learned about globalization, visited cultural places, and the most important to me was to reconsider how I teach and how I want to teach in the future, and what I need to teach.” ​​

Contact Us 

For more information and to apply, please contact Emily Kraus​, Assistan​​​​​t Director of Global Learning & Special Programs.