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Global Learning Experience (GLE)

The Global Learning Experience (GLE) is DePaul University’s virtual exchange program, aimed at facilitating interactions between its student population and the student populations of international partner institutions, through collaboration between respective faculty members. GLE aims to increase the number of valuable, transformative intercultural experiences to which students are exposed through the use of web-based instructional technologies. Since the program launched in 2013, we have offered numerous courses with GLE components across a variety of disciplines, many of which are showcased here. For more information about the program, please visit here​.


Interaction between students is aimed at maximizing the richness and intensity of intercultural exposure with meaningful and thoughtful experiences. Opportunities for reflection in a multicultural context are encouraged. Several implementation models are possible and creativity is encouraged. Some examples include:

  • Synchronous lectures delivered jointly with open or small group discussions.
  • Synchronous guest speakers with follow-up small group reflection activities.
  • Multimedia assignments and group presentations.
  • Peer review of student work.
  • Group assignments resulting in jointly prepared presentations (delivered either synchronously or via multimedia) or case studies.
  • Structured asynchronous discussions: online debates, student-led discussion on content, student-generated case study discussions.
  • Recorded, short presentations by guest speakers as a catalyst for asynchronous follow-up discussion in small or large groups.

Any two faculty members, one from DePaul and one from an international partner institution, can propose a GLE.

The Office of the Associate Provost for Global Engagement and Online Learning at DePaul can assist with the communication between the two institutions and with facilitating faculty pairings.

Once identified, each pair of faculty chooses one DePaul course and one course at the partner institution that they are already scheduled to teach (or can request to teach with reasonable probability of success) in the near future and whose respective level, expected student population, content, and learning goals overlap or complement one another.
GLEs vary from one simple shared assignment all the way to an entire co-taught course. Given the frequent disparity in calendars between the quarter-based system at DePaul and the semester-based system at most other institutions, it may not be possible to share an entire course from beginning to end. Faculty should agree in advance on the objectives, scope, and duration of the shared experience.

DePaul University's Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will assist faculty with the design, development, and implementation of the shared experience. One instructional designer will be assigned to each pair of faculty. The instructional designer will facilitate an initial meeting with the two faculty members in order to identify the scope, type, and duration of the shared interaction and to suggest the best teaching strategies and technologies to support the objectives of the interaction.

If you are interested in leading a GLE, please take a moment to complete our Expression of Interest form. A GLE representative will review your submission and contact you with more information.